How bad is the Bee nerf?

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User Info: SuprSaiyanRockr

5 years ago#31
SweetMadness posted...
I think the nerf is hilarious. Why? Because now they'll just go and cry about some other broken item combination.

Though I'm not going to comment on whether the nerf was justified or not, I'll agree that usage played a big part.
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User Info: Kant_Remoob_Eht

5 years ago#32
Is say move on to using the Bee with something else that isn't the CC. Likely the Slagga, or some high rate of fire weapon from jakobs or the like. Maybe a gatling gun variation of the purple variety.
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User Info: atmdusty

5 years ago#33
The only thing that should have changed is each projectile getting the amp bonus. That is it. Not even the tedore reloads should have been changed. Now with the bee getting nerfed the DLC boss Hyperius is going to be impossible.

Gearbox really messed up big time in nerfing the bee. Modding is just going to take its place anyway.

A rule of thumb that all game makers should follow is don't nerf as a first resort, but as the last one.

User Info: Four Skulls

Four Skulls
5 years ago#34
Thats what I was thinking, why change all the other things when the only really broke was how it calculated damage?

User Info: GujinKami

5 years ago#35

just lol

User Info: dueric

5 years ago#36
What I want to know is how all the other shield got better?

If they weren't viable before, how does that change now?
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User Info: Drexlerfan22

5 years ago#37
SweetMadness posted...
I think the nerf is hilarious. Why? Because now they'll just go and cry about some other broken item combination.

FWIW, I'm not going to.

There was no single item or weapon in BL1 nearly as broken as the Bee. That's a fact. I'm okay with extremely powerful legendary items -- that's why they're legendary, after all -- but an item that increases your damage output 8x-10x is just dumb game design, because it makes all your other items useless.

Look at it this way: w/o the Bee, a level 1 SMG that does 10 damage is worlds worse than a level 50 SMG that does 8,000 damage... the lvl 50 gun is literally 800x better But when you add 50,000 amp from the Bee, it becomes a difference of 50,010 damage vs. 58,000 damage.... less than 1.2x better. with your shield up.

In other words, with the Bee your guns don't even matter anymore... you just want a high rate of fire and/or a high pellet count on your shotgun. For a game that's supposed to be about the item hunt, putting an item in the game that makes the rest of your items irrelevant seems like a really stupid idea, because once you get it there's nothing to achieve anymore.

I know that there are casual players who want their god mode, but c'mon guys. You can live without that one item.

In any case, there is no other item in the game, or even any other item that I can imagine them putting in the game in a future DLC that would be as game-breaking as the Bee was. I'm not going to start complaining about other items, but anything they could do to nerf this item is a good thing. Personally I wish they'd have nerfed it further by giving it an amp drain of 1, but oh well, I guess this is a decent compromise.

User Info: PhilOnDez

5 years ago#38
An amp drain of 1 isn't going to slow a commando or mechromancer down for half a second.
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