Slagga or Maggie?

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User Info: Four Skulls

Four Skulls
4 years ago#1
Just wondering which is better. I'm thinking about doing Clan Wars tonight then farming for it.

User Info: davinthegreat98

4 years ago#2
i look at it this way: there's the slagga, you farm for it once and keep the one you get, but the NEED to get the two fer version of it for it to be the amazing beast that it is.

So how much time are you gonna spend farming for it?
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User Info: Tsuruke

4 years ago#3
Personally, I run with both.
But I love the Slagga a little more than the Maggie: High Clip Size, 2 bullets for the price of 1, nice crowd controller.

While the Maggie is almost the same, a fast shooting pistol with a shotgun-like bullet spread.
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User Info: Four Skulls

Four Skulls
4 years ago#4
I don't really know, it's according to how often one drops. If it's like the CC, maybe not long.

User Info: LAphoticL

4 years ago#5
omg i love my 2 fer maggie
i used slagga for awhile but once i got my maggie i droped slagga like it was a lvl 9 pistol lol

User Info: DR_Pariah

4 years ago#6
Both are great weapons. I have 2 different slaggas and 2 different Maggies (one of them is Two-Fer)

each is adapted to it's own style. I use the Slagga on my mechromancer to put out fast bullets and lots of them. Since accuracy isn't an issue, the Slagga comes in handy due to it's great damage output.

The Maggie is more adapted to an accurate style. I use it on Zero, and it's very helpful to have on him since he's more geared towards accurate weapons anyway. With or without the Bee, I can one or two-shot many many enemies, pretty much only bosses take time to kill. The wonderful pellet spread of the maggie is great at putting out good damage on a very small location.

In the end it comes down to how you play the game really.

User Info: iwish

4 years ago#7
Both are good. I'd base it off my class more than anything.

Salvador and Maya I'd pick Slagga.
Zer0 I'd pick Maggie.

Axton and Gaige can go either way.
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User Info: Four Skulls

Four Skulls
4 years ago#8
Tried for about an hour to get a Maggie to drop with no luck. Trying to find something legendary that beats out these:

Restructuring Development
Hyperion Shotgun

Extra Large Shotgun Surpreme!
Tediore Shotgun

So far the only shotgun that I found that comes close is the Triquetra. I thought I would go farm for Sledge's Shotgun, but if they're in the damage range of the one shown on the wiki, it's falls short.

User Info: Mr_Popel

4 years ago#9
Well i for my part love Maggies ... the Two Fer version is amazing, but tbh other versions are pretty good too.
Hey i'm not camping ... i'm "tactically waiting" :-D
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