This wasn't nominated for GOTY by the VGA's...

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User Info: therickmu25

4 years ago#51
Winter_is_comin posted...
May not be on GOTY, but it's under best xbox game. Just gotta go through the categories.

^ It's actually technically better on the PC though and my favorite game on PC at the time, which is funny I think.

User Info: mooninomics

4 years ago#52
I'll never understand why so many people are hung up on games needing to be innovative. Don't get me wrong, new things and ideas are necessary for the industry to grow and evolve, but not every game needs to be some revolutionary ground-breaking innovation. Sometimes more of the same but with some new polish is exactly what the doctor ordered.

It's like Motorhead. We've basically been getting the same album for over 30 years, just with some new words and with everything getting louder. And we love it that way, because we want more of the same. There's no reason to change it, because it's fine the way it is.

Some games can go right ahead and redefine and revolutionize and shift paradigms outside the box of innovation and all those other fancy buzzwords. Other games, however, are better off going the Motorhead route and just perfecting the fundamentals, because that's what works. We know what we're getting, and we're getting it because that's what we want. Best to not screw it up. People shouldn't count out or look down on those kinds of games because the developers are sticking with what they know.
Are you suggesting that moon should get off his ass and write some stories? He's like the Stephen King of gamefaqs. - Sorbz
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  3. This wasn't nominated for GOTY by the VGA's...

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