2 questions regarding upcoming dlc

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User Info: KURockChalk

4 years ago#1
Are the bosses going to be ridiculous like hyperius and gee? Because I felt they did that just to stick it to the people soloing hyperius.

And Will it be playable without a patch update? Or if I want o play this game offline, are you telling me I can play the dlc that I paid for already? (season pass)

User Info: openfist

4 years ago#2
Time will tell on the bosses. They put new currency in this dlc also and if its handled like the crystals in that we can only get a few tokens a day.....that is not cool.

User Info: Bridling

4 years ago#3
it looks like togue tokens can be dropped from normal enemies and a lot more often than seraph crystals.
It takes an idiot to do cool things, that's why it's cool
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  3. 2 questions regarding upcoming dlc

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