So... if a modded backpack nerf comes on Tuesday

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  3. So... if a modded backpack nerf comes on Tuesday

User Info: alaindc

4 years ago#11
27 backpack slot COULD be enough IF only we could hold more item in the bank, and IF claptrap exchange slot would hold much more than 4 items...

This is a game about guns, but we can only hold a few...

User Info: generalhs

4 years ago#12
The claptrap stash is fine as it's only supposed to be temporary storage. I agree on the bank though.

User Info: Max58201

4 years ago#13
what about people like me who feel the need to pick up everything dropped. in the first game the 40ish slots i usually ended with was more then enough to pick up everything inbetween shops. except in the dlc where every mob seemed to drop a gun and a shield or grenade mod

but 27 fills up way to quickly i can't even pick up everything the warrior drops :(
I just wanted to raise his affection, NOT have him lick my nipples

User Info: xHuckleberry

4 years ago#14
atomicbreath posted...
kiwimyweewee posted...
Well there has been evidence that too much backpack space is not fun.

Very true. Many times, if offered a bigger backpack, people tend to pack more things than are necessary. It happens frequently to inexperienced hikers and travelers. They have a bigger bag so that pack more things that they "might" need. Smaller bags help reduce this problem. You tend to keep only what you need so that your bag can be lighter and more efficient.

I learned the hard way about 80 miles into the AT. Pack light. Hahaha
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  3. So... if a modded backpack nerf comes on Tuesday

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