Who is your favorite gun manufacturer?

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User Info: quadruplesword

5 years ago#11
I would also put Tediore as a close second to Maliwan. I love fast reload speeds (and killing enemies by throwing a gun at their face, but that's just a bonus).
"Scissors are overpowered, but rock is okay." - paper

User Info: pothocket

5 years ago#12
Torgue. Who needs to aim for crits when you're blasting exploding bullets? You don't!
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User Info: Mr_Popel

5 years ago#13
In order of preference:

Jakobs ... that Maggie and that Skullmasher ... puristic awsomeness :-p
Maliwan ... melt their FACES (Hive, Hellfire, Norfleets, TB Fist, anything corrosive)
Vladof ... Storm front (favourite g.mod so far), Sham , Shredifier
Torgue ... i knew it the second i saw that lv.50 Nukem ... not as useful as the Hive imo but so friggin' awesome to look at
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User Info: DominatedMind

5 years ago#14
Jakobs, Torque and Tediore for sure. Love the feeling of throwing a gun into someone's face.

User Info: Xero-Kill

5 years ago#15
I play as Gaige so a Hyperion shotgun is my favorite.
GT: Xero Kogari

User Info: Raythelza

5 years ago#16
TORGUE (><) I'm playing a Grenadier Axton and TORGUE weapons are just ridiculously powerful in his hands(><) Every bit of equipment I'm using is TORGUE, Although I have to admit their legendary weapons are kind of meh, exceptions beeing Bloom, Package, Harold, and Nukem(><)

User Info: notSFF

5 years ago#17
Jakobs for pistols, assault rifles and snipers

Torgue for rocket launchers, shotguns and general explosive weapondry

Maliwan for SMGs.

User Info: Falloutgenuis

5 years ago#18
1. Hyperion, I love their pistols, SMGs,and shotguns.
2. Vladof, Anarchist are amazing.
3. Jakobs, Great snipers.
Don't really use Mailwan or Torgue so I don't know how they handle.

User Info: DR_Pariah

5 years ago#19
I'd say Jakobs, just because of their massive damage output. They work so well for my style.
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  3. Who is your favorite gun manufacturer?

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