I'm officially swearing off season paases.

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  3. I'm officially swearing off season paases.

User Info: synthetiksin

4 years ago#61
incinerator950 posted...
It speaks volumes about a person to like monotonous, unrewarding and plain stack challenge Arenas.

Probably the douchiest and most ignorant thing I've read all month.

User Info: atomsteele

4 years ago#62
This is the only season pass I have ever bought and I NEVER will again. If the next dlcs aren't amazing I will just feel cheated. I definitely would not have gotten scarlet based on reviews and videos alone, let alone having played it. I was a huge fan of the first, but this one seems so flat. Maybe the novelty has worn off but an effen arena? That was the friggin pre-order bonus! Holy crap! After all the complaints on forums about moxies, bandit slaughterhouse, and creature slaughterdome you would think they would shy away from that. At this point, with this game, the word "arena" just kind of makes me feel...sick. Just disappointed in advance I guess.
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  3. I'm officially swearing off season paases.

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