Whats a awesome setup for zero? (meele)

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User Info: kjoinne

5 years ago#1
Guns, shields,relics, everything.. whats the best setup? got the law and order :)
GT: kjoinne

User Info: chuckleswood

5 years ago#2
could you please dupe me the law and order....i have a ton i could dupe for you in return
GT: chuckleswood

User Info: aznghostbuster

5 years ago#3
Shadow Ninja or Lethal Ninja class mod. Or try the Love Thumper shield and Captain Blade's Rapier rifle from the DLC. Strength relic helps too.
Edit: I also happen to have the items listed above, including Law and Order. Hit me up sometime tomorrow if you need anything.
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User Info: SuprSaiyanRockr

5 years ago#4
Also, invest some skills in cunning.
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User Info: Dyinglegacy

4 years ago#5
Depends on what you want. Do you want a survivalist melee build, or a one shot kill glass cannon melee build? If you want to be on the tougher end, go with law and order. If you want to string together many must fall, go with rapier and love thumper. Also, quick tip for if you go with rapier/love thumper, DO NOT take the "grim" skill because it will cause your shield to regen making you lose the massive damage bonus from love thumper.
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User Info: R of The Nest

R of The Nest
4 years ago#6
I had answered this question in great detail in another thread. I hope you find it useful.

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User Info: kjoinne

4 years ago#7
aznghostbuster posted...
Shadow Ninja or Lethal Ninja class mod. Or try the Love Thumper shield and Captain Blade's Rapier rifle from the DLC. Strength relic helps too.
Edit: I also happen to have the items listed above, including Law and Order. Hit me up sometime tomorrow if you need anything.

awesome! think i got you on xbl...? shoot you a msg, and you can just join if you got time! THANKS!
GT: kjoinne

User Info: MosebysRangers

4 years ago#8
I went melee for a long time in build. But after TVHM mode I switched him to a primary using the Cunning tree once I got my Legendary Class mod. Note on some skills in cunning I go 5/5 in second tree and 0/0 on one (sorry at work). I than put a focus on skills to in sniping tree to get 3rd tier skills. With class mod I put 5 pts in right skill 1rst level and than enough for one skill second level.

Bottomline this build is very strong using SMG's like Babymaker/Cutting Edge B*****, Conference call and Maggie Pistol/ I alternate with The Bee, Evolution and Impaler as situation fits. Same goes for relics I use maker damage boost items and occasionally seraphin healing.

Reason I love this build is the Marked for death skill plus Kunai. I hit deception mark all targets with the Kunai (plus 20% damage) than out of deception blast away with my two fer Maggie. With Penetration skill from sniping etc I just blow away enemies and what ever left jus eliminate. I have the heal skill while in deception to restore health or can switch in Serraphin relic or use Evloution while traveling at to refill quickly while travel or in big mob fights to maintain health til I get out of trouble.

So I like my cunning build now vs my melee build.

Still can effectively snipe when choose to do so.

User Info: Kiyosuki_Mk2

4 years ago#9
My favorite so far is a hybrid mid-close range gunplay zer0 with melee options.

It's mostly Cunning.

> Fast Hands, Ambush, Death Mark, Unforseen, Innervate, and Kunai are the essentials. Rising Shot or Two-Fang can help your gun damage dps a lot too since this is about rapid fire guns more than single shot anything. One or the other, but I'm using both right now (5/5 Rising Shot. 3/5 Two-Fang). I have Counter as well but that's possible thanks to the Legendary Hunter mod, and I know thats not available to everyone. (definitely an item to aim for though.)

Then in Bloodshed, I went for the essentials in terms of consistent damage.

> Iron Hand, Killing Blow (extremely important. Some say even 1 point into it is good enough though the more the merrier. Once again my legendary hunter mod helps out there but it's overall an important option.), Be Like Water, and finally Execute. I skipped Followthrough and Backstab because Followthrough wasn't really my style, and as for backstab I've done a ton of damage tests and honestly I don't personally think Backstabs' damage is all that much more significant, even with a level 50 Ninja mod on. I mean it's not bad if you want to put points into it (and imo it's 5/5 or more or bust on that for it to mean anything.) but personally I do think it's an ability that could use a notable buff in its damage modifier for how much more effort it takes to set it up rather than just executing someone in Deception any time.)

The overall aim of this is constant damage. You're really good with guns, especially pistols or sub machine guns (but still you can use snipers if you need to, I use my law pistol with a scope to snipe personally. lol), and it's very Bee shield worthy. But if you take damage so the Bee doesn't work anymore, or if you want to take advantage of the Order Shield and Law pistols' health regen, you have melee options too (on top of Kunai and Unforseen) so you have high damage spiking options at all times and at a variety of ranges and shields. I take advantage of like water often and mix up gunfire with a melee hit too when deception's not an option.

Order shield and Law are a must. Other musts imo are Captain Blades' Rapier for its 200 damage boost...it has a drawback and can't regen life like Law but you can easily get around that by simply switching to it only when you're ready to stealth attack. Of course the Bee is overall useful to have, as is the Love Thumper though that's more useful with a full Bloodshed build imo, which isn't really my style. I also really recommend Tediore guns of any sort, at least a sub machine gun. Zer0 can fire one shot off and have the full clip so when you throw them during reload, it does its best damage possible. Thing is if you throw them in Deception, it doesn't cancel out stealth so its essentially a fourth way to attack in stealth.
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