looking for some people and a few questions

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User Info: KunikoHojo

4 years ago#1
hey there im looking for some (honest) players to play with me. currently lvl 49 healsiren and lvl 15 meleemechro :P iguess you all know the problems with random-ing and i played for most of the time solo. on my siren im allready done with TVHM so im ready for farming stuff there (but im really terrible equipped right now)

the mechro oh well just messing around enjoying story for another time doing some side quests etc basically i dont mind a few levels difference or if my partners arent experienced/play for the first time)

as mentioned in the beginning i look for some people that play the game as its supposed to be (teamwork/no glitching/duping and no bee shield) dont get me wrong i dont care if people do or whatever i just wanna enjoy the game what it is and so i dont want to play with such people. each to their own :P

im also up for some PvPing (are there pvp arenas like in borderlands 1?) screwing around, doing some crap stuff, farming, anything what could be fun. if this would be something for you leave a message here or send me a FR on XBL (GT: KunikoHojo)
ill be online in about 1-2 hours when im done with rocksmith for today

oh and by the way i dont use a headset and im german. im usually available 5pm-11pm (gmt+1) i dont have the DLC yet! i allready buyed it but my connection is horrid and i still have to download this crap (wich is quite a challange xD)

a few questions.
PVP arena?

my Siren is totally skilld (own build) on healing/surviving or overall support so i have a good amount of health/shield (65k+3xk shield) as i said my gear is still pretty crap so there is surely alot more to get out but what i was wondering about. as i heal others i can see what health they must have like and its ALOT less than me so when i get basically onehitted all the time (or almost) how can others survive? i have over 100k "HP" others may only have 40-60k and yet i can see how they take alot more.
am i just too stupid to play or do i just suck balls or does others have some insane damage reduce? is it a certain shield? am i stupid? oh im repeating myself you get the point :P

someone knows a good place to farm health relics/fire SMGs/green thingy SMGs (dont know the name lol)/ non elemental handgun? prefferably orange/purple. and best with a good accuracy and a good recoil AND a Anshin Shield (the one that boosts your health)
warrior is pretty good i guess as i farmed him from lvl 31-34 in about 15 min runs but now he is pretty much unkiillable for me as he keeps onehitting me and i have to unload all i got for about 50-60 mins to get him down in solo (im REALLY terrible geared right now my "good"SMG does 600 damage lol)

there are relics i have seen that give meleebonus but only in the description (not a % shown) does that mean it really does boost melee or just like as it says the overdrive cooldown and such stuff?
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