flesh stick right now!

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4 years ago#1
there are close to 300 legenedary weapons in tinas room right now!

flesh stick is going...it is craaaazy
send message

gt King Of Snacks

User Info: drunkndrag0n

4 years ago#2
my compability pack is currently still downloading , once thats done id love to level my zerker , ill be happy to add my legendaries to the pile afterwards
- Gt drunkndrag0n -

User Info: DarkPassnger

4 years ago#3
Can I peruse or is it only for those flesh sticking?
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User Info: bigbdogbr

4 years ago#4
Tag for later!
"Life is like a toilet paper roll, if you're soft and pure, someone's just gonna wipe their ass on you."

User Info: chopsueyside

4 years ago#5
Get in there people. If you can't find what you're looking for in there.........you don't need it.
GT: Doctor Terr0r

User Info: Anarchy936

4 years ago#6
feel free to send invite when possible! i will make a deposit as well!
X360 GT - Anarchy936

User Info: BrodyBeatdown

4 years ago#7
Invite pls
GT: Brody Beatdown

User Info: BFate

4 years ago#8
I would like to join. BFate

User Info: GZonta

4 years ago#9
Like to join too

Gt True Atnoz
My real screen name is Atnoz. ^_^
FC for NarutoCoNR3: 5371 0577 0707

User Info: heavenstuxedo

4 years ago#10
Invite Please

GT- tuxedoshaggy
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