Found Orange at Level 9

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User Info: Tuff726

4 years ago#1
I just started playing the game and I got the Baby Maker SMG from the slot machine in sanctuary with just the money I had up to that point. Awesome huh?
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User Info: Zero1303

4 years ago#2
enjoy it while you can, i got an emperor at level 10 and was able to use it to about level 14
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User Info: Tuff726

4 years ago#3
What is the explosion damage based off of? I know the more bullets when thrown (reloaded) determines its damage, but is it also based off the weapon's damage as well?

For example, my 44 damage Baby Maker with a 33 size magazine (32 max when thrown) does around 600 damage.

User Info: KazuoMitarashi

4 years ago#4
I got a lv 2 legendary pistol from Knuckle Dragger once. Worst part was that it was a horrible gun not even worth using and I got rid of it immediately.
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User Info: Tuff726

4 years ago#5
That sucks.... So I just found the formula for tediore weapon damage. Just out of curiosity, what makes baby maker so good? Everyone seems to want one for killing a certain boss, but won't any Tediore weapon with a large clip do?

User Info: LAphoticL

4 years ago#6
I killed boombewm and got 2 lvl 4 bonus packages one from boom and another from bewm:)

User Info: KANB1E

4 years ago#7
I got the hornet from knuckledragger with no level requirement like the gearbox guns
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  3. Found Orange at Level 9

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