What is so good about the Baby Maker?

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User Info: Tuff726

5 years ago#1
Why is the Baby Maker so sought after? Won't any Tediore weapon with a large clip be just as useful?

User Info: Vegetall

5 years ago#2
reload it..into an enemies FACE!

User Info: Dj_Silk714

5 years ago#3
as far as i know it does a fair amount of extra bonus damage on the reload...could be wrong tho...oh, and it spawns child grenades
Good luck.

User Info: capnovan

5 years ago#4
It spawns another smaller Baby Maker that also explodes.
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User Info: KiLL3RKiTTy

5 years ago#5
Vegetall posted...
reload it..into an enemies FACE!

do this, and you will see why its so good.....other than the fact that its called..THE BABY MAKER?!
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User Info: Tuff726

5 years ago#6
I actually just started playing and I have a level 9 version that I pretty much use to 1 shot badasses, which I do agree, makes it awesome. Was just wondering why it was better than other Tediore weapons. I didn't notice the smaller grenades... i'll check again when I get home.

User Info: Four Skulls

Four Skulls
5 years ago#7
Sometimes it spawns 2 child grenades.

User Info: MrImpatient35

5 years ago#8
I had a lvl 43 baby maker at first. I'd one reload kill almost anyone with it. Only real big guys or bosses would take more than a single reload. That's why.
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  3. What is so good about the Baby Maker?

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