LF people to help me with pete

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User Info: 6LORDofDEATH9I

5 years ago#1
havent killed him to day, cant do it by myself

User Info: biglittleman12

5 years ago#2
GT Biglittleman13 send me an invite
GT: Biglittleman13

User Info: aznghostbuster

5 years ago#3
Same here dude I'll help you out.
"If there's grass on the field, have sex with it." -Confucius
GT- TheLoveFister

User Info: pyromite

5 years ago#4
Still looking for an extra body for Pete?
360 GT: pyromite; lvl 50 legendary commando in BL2
kicking names and taking @$$

User Info: Snazzy21

5 years ago#5
he is pretty easy to solo as a siren, The Bee + a good Fibber and i can kill him within 4 uses of the water valve.
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  3. LF people to help me with pete

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