Got 800 points. Which DLC is better?

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  3. Got 800 points. Which DLC is better?

User Info: Brass_Eye

5 years ago#1
Not storywise.

Which has better guns, loot and enemies?
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User Info: Frolex

5 years ago#2
I wasn't really thrilled much by either, but I prefer the torgue DLC overall, including on guns and loot; neither DLC has had enemies that i was really impressed with. Though I do much prefer the raid boss in the torgue DLC to those in the pirate one.

User Info: potpot85

5 years ago#3
if you love the general humour in borderlands , then buy torgue
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User Info: MrImpatient35

5 years ago#4
potpot85 posted...
if you love the general humour in borderlands , then buy torgue

The humor is the Torgue DLC was great! It's hilarious to me how the main guy is ALWAYS yelling and cursing. Sounds like roid rage lol.
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User Info: StormWolf12

5 years ago#5
The two items I find to be exceptional from the Pirate DLC are the Evolution and Rapier. Everything else isn't really that cool. The Stinkpot is a pretty good corrosive weapon, and I like it for being an elemental Jakobs I got at the very start of the DLC, but it's worse DPS wise than the Bad Touch. The blood of the Seraphs relic can be really good, up to 25% max health and 1.5% health regen but it recently got nerfed on PC so it won't be good for much longer :/

There are many more items I find to be exceptional in the Torgue DLC. The Slowhand is amazing, and already one of my favorite weapons. It is very powerful, has high elemental chance, and heals you. I am also a big fan of the Crossfire grenade mod. It is much like a bouncing bonnie on steroids. The Meteor Shower is just a buffed up version of the Bonus Package, which means it's amazing. The Kitten is a very powerful assault rifle. It makes Axton almost invincible with the right build (willing, able, healthy, prep) and gear- Neogenator/Evo, Legendary mod, and Vitality/BoS due to it's healing capabilities. I also love the Boom Puppy. It's a gun that fires a grenade with rolling thunder type attributes where it creates an explosion every time it bounces. Also- Dat Cobra is still awesome, despite the fact that no one knows where to find it legitimately yet.
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  3. Got 800 points. Which DLC is better?

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