DANG, TVHM is owning me.

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User Info: Derailer

4 years ago#11
Aside from weapons, you should also change your skill tree around a bit; focus more on health and shields until you get comfortable then switch back to your original build.
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User Info: fakesnoop77

4 years ago#12
drrl posted...
I'm playing as Zero though I think playing as Maya would be a little easier. I found it easier to regen health with her, though with Zero I feel obligated to carry around those healing grenades and even his regen action skill doesn't seem to be enough. With only two golden keys left, I feel like I should just farm to 40 and use them, and hopefully be able to farm one of the TVHM bosses for something.

I had the same problem initially whilst playing as Zero on TVHM. I found that having a strong melee build and equiping the Law pistol and Love thumper shield really helped me out of some difficult situations.

I also found a level 36 Stabby Kerblaster which I farmed from Midgemong at the start of TVHM really helped me out as well.

So my advice, Farm for Kerblaster and use the Law/Love Thumper combo for melee
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User Info: BrilloPadKilla

4 years ago#13
Gearbox really dropped the ball for PT2. Its only really fun and moderately challenging with a group, which is what I guess the game is promoting.

However, playing TVHM solo can be a pain in certain parts due to the enemies generally being OP and having too much health. Its unbalanced especially when your weapons become obsolete once u level 1 or 2 levels, even for legendaries. Its possible to solo TVHM, I did it with my melee Zer0 which I consider to be the hardest character to play on PT2.
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User Info: Mayhemers

4 years ago#14
I'm up to level 50 on my solo Zer0 and at Eridium Blight currently, so it hasn't been TOO bad so far... a few swearing respawns mind you.
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User Info: namewitheld

4 years ago#15
TVHM is poorly balanced.

You need weapons at most 3 levels below your level or its painfully boring (sitting in cover).

Its interesting that this games gets no criticism for this quite obvious flaw*.

* i played through TVHM doing all side missions and never found the loot required, I had to abuse a GLITCH to have the 'right' gear. This is TERRIBLE game design.

edit:Blands the first became MORE FUN in the second playthrough because everything got more awesome, this game just throws bullet sponges at you that can one hit your entire shield and then offers you no useful gear to beat them. Im pretty sure they did it on purpose aswell (loot...NEED loot...need to buy DLC to get loot...america****yeah).

User Info: kidish

4 years ago#16
Go to Frostburn Canyon, run past everyone, pick up Lascaux.

Wash, rinse, repeat until you pick up one with stats you like.

This SMG (scaled at level 37 to my level 38 char) is better than the level 36 Emperor SMG legendary I possess.

That should also illustrate how pointless it is holding onto weapons in TVHM.

User Info: atomicbreath

4 years ago#17
When I started PT 2, i was having a hard time as well. i found a decent rocket launcher early on PT 2 which helped. I used that until I found some better guns just by doing quests/looting corpses. I also put some effort into being more survivable (health relic, mod, etc).

I died more often in PT2 than PT1 but that was expected. Most of the time, it was me being stupid and running into a large group of enemies. Never once did I think the 2nd playthrough was too hard or poorly implemented.

Like most things, when it is difficult, try something new and see if that works. Changing your strategy can help you get a better idea of what your character/class is cabable of and allow for experimentation with new builds/play-styles.
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User Info: Mayhemers

4 years ago#18
The gear I had from P1 was good up until Sanctuary in P2, then I had to get some new stuff for the following missions. But I agree, you need to update gear a lot more regularly than in P1.
Lie with passion and be forever damned...

User Info: Vegetall

4 years ago#19
keep tipping moxxi every lvl, only 100, to get her good touch, its a decent fire weapon... and then just keep around a good explosion AR with decent fire rate... within at least 3-4 lvls of the enemy and you should be good, O and a good corrosive weapon... if you have done moxxi yet for her bad touch... you can always get in a 2nd player and give them cash to get a new bad touch... again, i survived on moxxies weapons...

User Info: JimiMorrison187

4 years ago#20
Want to know something REALLY hard?

I beat PT 1 with Maya and just started over with Zer0, and beat the Warrior at LEvel 26 solo. I started TVHM and everything was so much higher level than me I couldn't even kill a Bullymong...XD

Anyways, if you are Level 32+ you shouldn't be having that many problems. You level up really fast in TVHM so just killing some of the early enemies in Southern Shelf, The Divide, Frostborn Canyon, ec. should be plenty to get you up to scratch.

I hate Zero, and his lame skill, but his sniper rifle skills are so strong it doens't much matter. Use a Vladoff Horrorshow with shock on it if you can find one. That thing fires like a fast pistol and holds about 25 shots. Any Vladoff really with Zer0 if you have trouble being rushed. Those things are super fast. A Skorry Lyuda is the optimal one IMO since it fires even faster and fires 3 horizontal shots at the cost of 1 bullet.
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