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User Info: KANB1E

4 years ago#1
What legendaries/uniques are you're favorites? Which legendaries are the ones you wouldn't give up on after 100+ runs farming?

User Info: KingRaven42

4 years ago#2
Hellfire, slagga, norfleet or badaboom for those second winds, maggie is nice, skullmasher if you're into sniping... Sometimes it just depends on what you are and what you like to do, like on my Gaige i go crazy with my binary thunderball fists but on any other class i can do without them. But those first several legendaries i listed are just some general ones that i pretty much always have on me. I dont use the bee or the CC, exluded the infinity fromt the list because you said so lol.

In the way of shields and mods i use the imapler or sham depending on the situation, pandemic, fire bee, and quasar are nice grenades, and you cant really go wrong with Legendary class mods for each class :)
GT: KingRaven42

User Info: Seiichi Omori

Seiichi Omori
4 years ago#3
Thunderball Fist/StormFront/Transformer on my shock Gaige is fun.
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User Info: Death_Ragnell

4 years ago#4
I really like the Shock Deliverance, it is a great shotgun to use with Gaige.
Thunderball fists is also another weapon that I wouldn't give up on farming.

Though the item that I wouldn't give up on farming is the Black hole. I've been using it so much that it would seem weird not getting an immediate second wind.

User Info: Argyle_Gargoyle

4 years ago#5
Im generally npt a huge fan of hyperion weapons (aside from shotguns), but i got a b**** smg while farming for a sham.

I tried it and i love the thing. Made me rethink hyperion smgs entirely

Its one of my favorites because i considered it an afterthought to bunkers other drops. Then i got one and loved it its nice to be surprised
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User Info: NateO81

4 years ago#6
Neogenator/evolution. Both characters I play (commando and gunzerker) absolutely NEED one of these shields.

User Info: KANB1E

4 years ago#7
Thanks everyone! It's always cool to see how other people play the game and I've got a couple new items to farm and things to try

User Info: Black_Night_52

4 years ago#8
Kind of a weird one but I really love my Explosive Fastball Grenade Mod. Definitely not the best grenade by far in all practicality, but it is so satisfying finishing off an enemy with a solid thud when I'm out of ammo.
Xbox360 GT: stlcards234

User Info: charon78au

4 years ago#9
Torgue Ravager shotguns. Not legendaries or uniques, but the purple rarity ravagers are probably the second highest damage shotguns in the game (behind only the Flakker, which you'd be lucky to hit the ground with if you aimed at your feet).

I always carry these on my Gunzerker.
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