Fun with 2 people?

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User Info: Primetime1981

4 years ago#1
I see some good deals on this game today and I never played the first one but I was wondering if this game is still fun with myself and 1 other person? I always hear how you get much more out of it with a group of people but the only other person I may be able to play with would be my brother if he gets it. So basically just wanted to know if playing with a group of 2 is still "worth" it.

User Info: LAphoticL

4 years ago#2
split screen only if ur in hdmi
as far as grped with someone on dif xbox its golden i like it
but i still mainly play solo (just bc my friends left for halo and BO2)

and for multiplayer (as in ppl u dont know) id steer away from it theres no difference
if u want a full grp come here and ask about 99% of the ppl here are helpful usually on or willing to get on to help
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