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User Info: ElfPotatoMan

5 years ago#11
Code is still working
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User Info: voodoochaz

5 years ago#12
Thank you :)
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User Info: drj898

5 years ago#13
I just got 2 purple

Well actually I'm level 20 right now, and I was using a level 16 purple SMG from a golden key, with damage 77. Which raped everything at the time. I know I know..low level noobie lol.

But now this one pistol I got is damage 218. With mag size of 61. So I really no longer need another pistol or SMG equipped. Pretty cool.

Okay I'm done ranting about my latest chest find =) ....maybe next time I'll get a 2000 capacity shield!!! (Hey...a guy can wish right?)
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User Info: genesis42

5 years ago#14
ElfPotatoMan posted...
Code is still working
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User Info: SolidStryder

5 years ago#15
genesis42 posted...
ElfPotatoMan posted...
Code is still working

User Info: GrievousMaximus

5 years ago#16
Awesome!! Thanks!! Mine turned out to be a "shaft" code. I got two class mods but neither are for my character. Wonk wonk. Oh well.
XBOX GT: GrievousMaximus
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User Info: LethalShadow25

5 years ago#17
Code still works just an FYI!
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User Info: Doctorchubby

5 years ago#18
Code still works, thanks.

Here's another code posted 14 hours ago on Twitter. Worked for me.
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User Info: plagoy

5 years ago#19
just wondering is the golden key box just giving up Purple Weapons/items ? Oranges
is all I'm looking for

User Info: HopeWaves

5 years ago#20
Thank you :)
GT "Destiny Kettu"
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