hidden treasure giveaway

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User Info: heffe23

4 years ago#51
Ah yeah sorry. itll have to be later. and im happy to help with anything else youd want.
Gamertag- heffe228
legendaries i dont have-fastball wtf transformer neogen striker
(message deleted)

User Info: awaken777

4 years ago#53
jenbeckler posted...
awaken777 posted...
jenbeckler posted...
If you've got time I wouldn't mind taking one of each. only if it's no trouble to you. I may have the fastball and the neogen (if you still need those). I'll have to look through my characters backpacks.

Just need to get them off my mules and its no trouble at all

Oh hey, sorry I didn't realize it was you who had the practicables. Need anything in return? haha

Nope, just send inv
GT xtremeryder
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User Info: jenbeckler

4 years ago#54
Great, will invite as soon as I'm done helping this guy out. And HEFFE I can still give you that stuff either way. Just let me know.
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