Favourite class?

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User Info: mixedlion

5 years ago#21
Played Axton, Zer0 and Maya so far

Maya is hands down my favorite, reminds me of the Adept class from Mass Effect with Phaselock. High survivability (healing Phaselock), really cool character design, definitely the best of the three in my experience.

Zer0 was my first played character since I lean towards rogues/stealthy characters (and I like the fact he's melee-centric with sniper rifles). I find him fun but tends to die a bit too easily (although he gets better with levels and careful playing).

Didn't like Axton much. The turret is great but without turrets this guy just dies (and turrets take long to recharge). Spent more time dying than killing people as opposed to Zer0 and Maya.

Haven't played Salvador or Gaige yet.
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User Info: oZ0NED_0UTo

5 years ago#22
I really like Salvador. His action skill might seem lame on paper but in its execution man its double the fun.
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User Info: iwish

5 years ago#23
I voted Axton. For general gameplay, he and Salvadore are neck and neck for best. Both have incredible damage and survivability. Every other class feels so much weaker than them.
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User Info: Typhlax

5 years ago#24
Axton owns.
GT: Pyroskank

User Info: Four Skulls

Four Skulls
5 years ago#25
I don't get how Gunzerking is lame...you get Health/Ammo regen as well as damage reduction. Considering Sal is the only character to get ammo regen, that seems pretty big to me.

User Info: atomicbreath

5 years ago#26
I prefer Sal. Dual weilding may sound boring but I like in-your-face, spray and pray method of defeating my foes.

My least favorite is the assassin. I know he appeals to a number of people but the melee/sniper aspect is wasted on bosses like Bunker or Warrior. I know there are other ways to play but it just didn't appeal to me.
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User Info: StormWolf12

5 years ago#27
Are there really that many Maya players?

Wow lol

User Info: The_Espi

5 years ago#28
character wise i think Zero has the best lines.

as far as playing i think Axton feels right.
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User Info: Typhlax

5 years ago#29
I think Axton has the best lines personally.

Thought he'd be a boring soldier personality but he's actually a massive dick, it's great.
GT: Pyroskank

User Info: Kpt_Kapowski

5 years ago#30
All I learned from this poll is that 198 casuals voted.
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