Siren head "Pretty in Punk" glitch

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User Info: puppy

4 years ago#1
Kinda sucks, but my "Pretty in Punk" head found in the new DLC is glitched, and always has the same color no matter what option I choose.

Kind of lame since the head looks pretty awesome, and I want to use it with Torgue colors...ah well.

Probably won't see a fix for another month or two.
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User Info: ElfPotatoMan

4 years ago#2
Yeah it sucks. If you change the head & skin then go back to pretty in punk it'll revert it back, at least until you go back into the menu anyway.

If it's any consolation the hair color will appear right to anyone you're playing with.
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  3. Siren head "Pretty in Punk" glitch

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