Ideal Axton builds

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User Info: fakesnoop77

5 years ago#1
Gonna start a new character this weekend , probably Axton.

Looking for ideas for builds. I want Axton to be an overall badass with turrets and guns/shields etc.
GT = Fakesnoop77
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User Info: Typhlax

5 years ago#2

That's the build I use for an ultra mega turret. Slags and takes down everything, and the longbow means it lasts the entire duration without dying. I like to point a single point into Expertise and Healthy with the Legendary Soldier mod, just take out points somewhere else.

This is my explosive commando build, if you use it with good torgue weapons and good grenade mods you will barely die. A double Unkempt Harold destroys absolutely everything ever with this.
GT: Pyroskank

User Info: Argyle_Gargoyle

5 years ago#3
my build is similar to your 1st one. its been my favorite set up ive found.

mine is slightly different in that i have at least 1 pt in all tier 1 skills to take advantage of the legendary soldier mod

and i also use battlefront. the extra damage from axton while the turret is out is significant. love the double up longbow turret though. the thing wrecks just about everything and longbow makes sure a tough enemy doesnt just destroy it right away.

the long range placement (even without mag lock) is underrated i feel. its a nice advantage to be able to place a turret right in the middle of a mod or right behind their cover.

frees you up to do your thing since it draws aggro so well

this is my approximate build. IMO it offers a great turret and a powerful axton
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User Info: LAphoticL

5 years ago#4
this is what i use for bosses i can solo any boss
this also uses the legendary soldier mod

if ur wondering about the nuke it helps tremendously with soloing pete the dmg it outputs kills the spiderants instantly
i also use this to solo hyperius

User Info: JimiMorrison187

5 years ago#5
On Axton now. Still in the mid 20s so I'll look at this later for when I do the raid bosses solo.

I'm definitely going down the left side for slag even though most raid bosses are immune. Probably move on to another one at that point.
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