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User Info: Kpt_Kapowski

4 years ago#11
Zero1303 posted...
oranges in this game are like pearls in the first game
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User Info: wilmer007

4 years ago#12
Well the farming in BL1 can be considered easy mode while in BL2 it can be considered endurance mode. I for one don't mind killing a boss to get an orange as it's more enjoyable than just going to a chest save and quit then rinse and repeat and hit the box again with no difficulty. However i also don't like the fact that u have to farm a boss for hrs just to get him to drop an orange. So with that in mind i would just rather farm him a few times (like say 5-10 times) and if he doesn't drop it than i'll either move on to another boss or move onto another character or just outright go play another game so u don't bore yourself trying to get a Bee after 3 hrs of farming.

Farming in small sessions will make it less painful than if u sat there for half a day killing the same boss over and over. If i did that i will quickly hate the game and probably hate the series, but small session just reduces the boredom.
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User Info: MonoxideHektik

4 years ago#13
I like how a guy would be shooting you with a hellfire in bl1 them when you killed him he would drop it.
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User Info: HughJorgenn

4 years ago#14
Second playthrough not tvhm, i got a level 4 bonus package I used until my level was in the teens. Got a level 14 babymaker that lasted into the twenties. It is so random it hurts.It is worth it when you find it. Still looking for triple vaults on the slots. This game is fun with or without duping. It is just how ya want to play.

User Info: jxlxw3

4 years ago#15
I just miss being being able to randomly find oranges (MORE than once a playthrough). I do like the idea that each "boss" has its own orange weapon that it drops, but i just wish there were other ways to get them

User Info: NateO81

4 years ago#16
Aadrian1234 posted...
I killed a stalker yesterday in TVHM and got an orange shotgun from it, so it's not just bosses drop oranges

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User Info: Bugmeat

4 years ago#17
MonoxideHektik posted...
I like how a guy would be shooting you with a hellfire in bl1 them when you killed him he would drop it.

That's another aspect that I miss. They often used the guns they would drop. It's just more fun that way, to kill them and then use their gun.

The vending machines were even good to buy from in the first one. I regularly bought new items. Halfway through my second playthrough and I've only bought maybe 8 items from a vending machine, not counting the few skins I've found. 2 were required and the others only because a new area actually had a vending machine with items that weren't 4 levels below what I already had. Items of the day were always better than the rest of the stuff in the machine too. Not anymore, they're generally on par with the rest of the stuff in the machine.
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