Would I like this if I didn't really like Borderlands 1?

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User Info: danger_sHarKs

4 years ago#1

User Info: Social_Sin

4 years ago#2

It's BL1 with new characters a bit more of a cohesive story lol
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User Info: Dyinglegacy

4 years ago#3
Maybe. They are very similar. Biggest difference is that most legendaries are specific to certain bosses.
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User Info: Jkool

4 years ago#4
Borderlands 1 felt extremely hard compared to the 2nd one imo anyway.
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User Info: Baha05

4 years ago#5
Honestly? I think you would a lot of the issues the first game had are iron out.
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User Info: Sunshinelady

4 years ago#6
This game has worse glitches than the first one.
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User Info: Flow_149

4 years ago#7
Honestly, no.
The gameplay is very similar to it's predecessor with a somewhat improved story.

User Info: Aceofblades2k2

4 years ago#8
You probably wouldn't, no.

It is very similar.

However, I think the challenge is more consistent, the story is better, and the environments are more varied.

The weapons are cool, but I miss some of the ones from the first game
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User Info: wilmer007

4 years ago#9
Well it depends but on average BL2 is a million times better than BL1. It just depends on what you didn't like.

Like for instance these are the main differences:



+ Level cap of 69

+ More chests

+ Armory DLC (best DLC from either game so far)

+ Explosive Element is neutral to all types of resistances making them great for any type of enemies.


- 99% of the game is flesh and the other 1% is Armor Enemies therefore Fire Weapons will clear the entire game.

- Way too easy when compared to BL2

- SMGs and a Hellfire are OP

- Bouncing Betty and Transfusion Grenade Mods dominate the rest



+ Game is much longer than BL1

+ Weapons are more balanced than BL1

+ SMGs and Hellfires are no longer OP but they are still good

+ More different types of Grenade Mods make for different types of playstyles

+ Many more different types of enemies such as Goliaths, Stalkers, Constructors, etc....

+ Flesh, Shield and Armor enemies are balanced throughout the game so now you don't have 99% Flesh and the other 1% Armor at the very end of the game. Instead now you have about 50% Flesh and 50% Corrosive with more Flesh at the start and more Armor towards the end and both midway through the game.

+ Shock element is neutral against Flesh and Armor making it better than Explosive as it can quickly drain shields. It also has no penalty to unshield flesh like it did it BL1

+ 99% of the bosses and mini bosses respawn so they can be farmed and replayed as many times as you want

+ Siren is more balanced now as you can use any of the 3 skill trees rather than just one like in BL1.

+ Relics help boost your characters in things that you love. Such as if you are a fan of Maliwan you will enjoy Bonus Fire Rate and Bonus Damage when using Maliwan weapons.

+ Many different types of shields this time around such as Spike Shields against Melee enemies or Absorb shield to absorb bullets and give you extra ammo as a result. Immunity shields are great as you can be immune to any element like Fire, Shock or Corrosive.

+ All the characters are fun as you are not forced to run only 3 characters if you didn't like melee that was Brick in BL1

+ Class Mods are more balanced this time around as you can use different builds as a result such as a Cat Mod (Bonus SMG DMG), or Witch (Bonus Corrosive Damage), Fox (Bonus Fire Damage), Nurse (Supporting players with Health Regen), etc..... on a Sirenrather than just using Mercenary Mod in BL1.

+ Grenade Mods now have a Blast Radius and Fuse Time which is a great addition


Can't really think of any at the moment because BL2 is way better than BL1 in every way.

Like i said it all depends on what you liked and didn't like about BL1. If you used nothing but OP stuff in BL1 than in BL2 the OP stuff were pretty much nerfed to make the game more balanced and viable. BL2 you won't find as many chests and most of the time the chests aren't nearly as good as what you have or what they use to be like in BL1. Explosive weapons in BL2 are weak as hell as they have penalties wheres as in BL1 they were netural to everything, this makes Shock weapons much better than Explosive weapons. Bouncing Betty was nerfed as they now shoot bullets rather than grenades however there is an Orange one that is the BL1 version of the Bouncy Betty. Transfusion is still very strong in BL2 though. If you want a harder challenge than get BL2 but if u just want easy mode and want it to be a walk in the park or breeze than stick to BL1.
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User Info: danger_sHarKs

4 years ago#10
I mostly got tired of BL1 because of the generic fetch quests. Kill a number of this, collect a number of that, it became quite tedious. Certainly didn't help that the main storyline was pretty much non-existant.
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