reversre birthday give away.

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User Info: heffe23

5 years ago#1
hey everyone sorry its been a while but im back with another giveaway.

itll be in my usual flavor of having to jump and hop about rooftops to get to the goods. as usual there will be larger piles of things like infinities and ccs.

please send a message to my gt to start the line, ill be setting up now which takes about an hour and ill keep inviting until its empty. (or if it gets to 1 am mountain time.)

what exactly am i gonna be searching for? theres at least one of each legendary. there will also be seraph stuff ive got almost a complete collection including the torgue items. some (but not all) the unique blues

if anyone wants to help support my cause heres the stuff id like
slag practicable cc with a jakobs stock(i.e. none)) x5
fire corrosive and shock ferocious shreddifiers
shock slag sledges shotgun
any but fire fastballs
fire shock and slag b*tches (rightsizing preferred )
any evisceration rubis
any fibbers

thanks and i apologisr in advance to anyone who may get lost in the shuffle so to speak. ill be kinda in and out but i ask you to be courteous and not too greedy(i know it borderlands). ill be doing my best to enforce a ten minute limit and ill message you before kicking.
Gamertag- heffe228
legendaries list done. working on those unique blues

User Info: iOutlawTorn

5 years ago#2
I have a shock B***h I can add. Also a slag evisceration Rubi. If you want. I'm watching some things on netflix though so if you want me to add to the pile I gotta hop on and off real quick. If you want to, send me an invite.

GT: iOutlawTorn

User Info: xelitespyderx

5 years ago#3
I've got a crap ton of extra goodies my friend. I can drop some of them in your room.. I'll hit ya with a message when I'm able.
GT : xelite spYderx

User Info: jenbeckler

5 years ago#4
Either people didn't jump on this or they did and didn't post on here for once. Hope you had good turnout. If it's still going I'm interested. I can drop stuff too. Just let me know.
-GT: JenMeister07

User Info: plagoy

5 years ago#5
Any chance for the giveaway around 8PM EDT? gotta work but will be on then thanks for the help
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