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User Info: chuckleswood

5 years ago#1
Somebody was kind enough to dupe me a Tumtum Muckamuck, and I'm pretty sure this has to be the strongest sniper in the game. It does 31,300 Damage, plus 180% Critical Hit Damage. Does anyone have or know of a stronger sniper out there? Don't worry I won't ask you to dupe them for me or anything I'm just curious.
GT: chuckleswood

User Info: spfurm01

5 years ago#2
The Cobra only has about 25k damage listed but usually does around 49k damage (without the Bee); crits on my Maya with The Bee on deal almost 1 million damage.
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User Info: WrathofAchilles

5 years ago#3
Kwalal Kwalal Buffalo

32453 Damage
96.6 Accuracy
0.6 Fire Rate
4.3 Reload Speed
7 Magazine

+65% Weapon Damage

Yours might win out though if it's a critical hit.

Still, I love this gun because it's iron sights and bolt action...
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User Info: AlleRacing

5 years ago#4
Skookum Buffalo or Cobra. Skookum is apparently stronger than Tumtum, even on criticals, and the Buffalo edges out the Skullmasher in both base and critical damage. Haven't used the Cobra yet, but it sounds like it edges out the Buffalo.

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