Good place to farm Purple Mods?

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User Info: sgtjoey_806

5 years ago#11
I have a purple meriful nurse class mod
Team Health Regen 236.6
+% Restoration
+3 Elated
+ 4 Sweet Release

If you dont have any luck finding one i will be on around 9pm eastern tonight
Psn-Energizerjoey, X-Box Live Energizerjoey

User Info: Azrael0206

5 years ago#12
I hope I'm still online at that time!
I will watch the video and try to figure it out, thanks :)

That would be awesome if I havent had any luck by then :)
Thats the kind im looking for I think!
First time rolling a maya, so not exactly sure yet ^_^
Always willing to help!
Official Angel of Death

User Info: xHuckleberry

5 years ago#13
Terra can drop quite a few purple class mods as well. Ive seen up to 5 drop at once on him

User Info: Vegetall

5 years ago#14
100% the treasure room, you can get anywhere from 0-6 purple mods, def a ton of blues... but its def the best place, and a good chance for legendarys as well...
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  3. Good place to farm Purple Mods?

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