Infinity drop from heaven

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User Info: LuckyMRow13

4 years ago#11
With a party of three trying to spawn vermi, two orange grenade mods have dropped.

The first gun I ever found at 50 was two fer maggie, inside the chest in the room when you are forced to upload the voice communicator in opportunity. I then slayed because of that gun.
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User Info: Lahar

4 years ago#12
My co-op buddy and I found our respective Legendary Class Mods in the vending machine on two consecutive visits to the Holy Spirits.
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User Info: Jambi_Man

4 years ago#13
Very cool reading all these badass tales of badassitudidness!!! I actually have another to add... Killed slappy, he dropped the striker. Then I immediately climbed that big ass ladder to the nearby chest, and found sledges shotty. Back to back legendaries!!

User Info: jreed1337

4 years ago#14
killed a random skagg last night and he dropped an orange rocket launcher, a blue class mod, and a purple grenade...

from a freaking

User Info: Godzerker

4 years ago#15
i got a teidore 30% damage and 70% mag size relic from a skag pile in arid.... i was like is there a greater relic.....

User Info: charon78au

4 years ago#16
I killed Gee on my 2nd try solo - no freezing - and got a Well Kept Striker.
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