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User Info: xmozart44x

5 years ago#1
Here are the legendaries I have, all level 50:


Assault Rifles:
• Veruc - Shock, Fire, Corrosive, Slag and Normal
• KerBlaster
• Hammer Buster
• Shredifier - Shock, Fire, Corrosive, Slag and Normal
• Madhous! - Shock, Fire, Corrosive and normal

Sub Machine Guns:
• B111tch - Shock, Corrosive and normal
• Hellfire
• Baby Maker - Shock, Fire, Corrosive, Slag and Normal
• Slagga
• Emperor - Shock and normal

• Maggie (Two Fer)
• Hornet
• Logan's Gun
• Gub
• Gunerang - Shock, Corrosive and normal
• Infinity - Shock, Fire, Corrosive, and Normal
• Thunderball Fists (binary)
• Unkempt Harold (Double Penetrating)

• Conference Call - Shock, Fire, Corrosive, Slag and Normal X 7
• Striker
• Sledge's Shotgun - Shock, Fire, Corrosive and Normal
• Deliverance - Shock, Fire, Acid and Slag
Sniper Rifles:
• Volcano
• White Death - Shock, Fire, Corrosive and Slag
• Pitchfork - Shock, Fire, Corrosive and Slag
• Skullmasher (Skookum)
• Invader - Fire

• Badaboom - Shock, Fire, explosive and Corrosive
• Mongol
• Bunny - Fire and Shock
• Pyrophobia - Fire
• Nukem (Deep a)
• Norfleet - Fire, Shock, Corrosive and Slag

Class Mods
Legendary for all classes

• Blood Of Terramorphous - 0.5% HP/Sec ---

Grenade Mods:
• Leech (Homing Electric)
• Leech (Sticky Longbow Fire)
• Bonus Package (Sticky homing)
• Nasty Suprise
• Rolling Thunder
• Bouncing Bonnie
• Fastball
• Pandemic (Homing Corrosive)
• Storm Front (Homing Shock
• Fire Bee (Homing)
• Quasar (Homing)
• Breath Of Terramorphous

• The Bee – Grounded, Inflammable, Corrosive and normal
• Black Hole
• Impaler [
• Neogenator [
• Flame Of The Firehawk
• Fabled Tortoise
• The Sham - 84% Absorb Chance
• The Cradle
• Hide Of Terramorphous
• The Transformer
• Whisky Tango Foxtrot


Gunerang - Fire or Slag
Sledge's Shotgun - Slag
Madhous! - Slag
Badaboom - Slag Bunny - Slag or Acid
B111tch - Fire or Slag Emporer - Fire, Acid or Slag
Nasty Surprise - Fire
Punchee Shield Big Boom Blaster Shield Sponge Shield
Crossfire Grenade O-Negative Grenade
Might of the Seraphs Relic

Duping only and level 50. I will be on at 6:00 PM CST until 10:00 PM CST
Send me a message on Xbox and I will send you an invite. If you are in need of something, I can hook it up.


User Info: Rockstar97856

5 years ago#2
Sent you a message I have your seraph
GT: xIMike ox bigIx
Letters before the M and after the g are capital i's
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