Gaige or Sal?

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User Info: jxlxw3

4 years ago#1
RIght now I have a Sal and a Gaige both sitting at around level 10. I'm looking for a new character to play with and was wondering which one you guys think is more fun to play with. Right now I'm thinking of going fully down the Rampage or Brawn Tree and half down the other with Sal or using the Plasma Anarchist Build (from Gearbox forums) for Gaige

User Info: Shadow_Dragon_0

4 years ago#2
I've never used Salvador but gaige is a blast. Haven't done an anarchist build with her but she is a blast to play as.
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User Info: kidish

4 years ago#3
Gaige is single-player friendly. Sal is great for play with others.

User Info: charon78au

4 years ago#4
Sal is fine for single player. The only character that I'd say is bad for SP is Zero.
But it's all a matter of opinion.

Gaige is easy. Sal is challenging.

Sal is the most fun character to play - in my opinion. Gaige is pretty fun too though.
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User Info: Hyndron

4 years ago#5
Gaige is like Axton, in a sense. They both have an action skill that 'deploys' a friendly unit that aids them in combat. Axton is a turret that goes to town with everyone, depending on the build. Gaige has Deathtrap, a behemoth that can fly, melee enemies and shoot lightning at enemies as well. Depending on your build, Deathtrap can be very dependent for your survival, or just to be an aid.

I prefer Gaige, mostly because Deathtrap has more mobility than a turret (melee, shoots flying enemies, etc)

Salvador is just..awesome, all around. Mostly based on your guns. It depends if you want to be a meat popsicle that can take a beating, or gunzerk ALL the time and not worry about ammo or anything, or have a short gunzerk duration but hit like an orbital strike.

It's a tradeoff between letting a friendly unit aid you/destroy everything for you, or doing it a nutshell.
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