Question about farming the treasure room.

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User Info: bandit7319

4 years ago#1
I just wanted the community's input on this. I tried making the glitch work but it's too finicky and annoying for me, so instead I backed up the save before I got to the Treasure Room (after Leviathan was killed), and now I just farm the treasure room and if it doesn't have anything I want, just dashboard out of it.

Whenever it does give me something I want, I add a splitscreen second player and give them the items and have them save/quit, then I reload the original save to the hard drive from the flash drive and continue.

I see so many people doing the glitch, but this method seems so much easier to me. Is there any particular reason people do the glitch over this? Like is there some kind of unusual risk that I'm taking on by doing this?

User Info: illbzo1

4 years ago#2
Why go to all that trouble just to farm? Just dupe everything you want and save yourself some time.

Actually just use a modded gun that does 999999999999 damage to every enemy on screen. Cut out the middle man.
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User Info: bandit7319

4 years ago#3
This is to get items I don't already have since I don't wanna go online to trade.

User Info: Vegetall

4 years ago#4
once you know the sweet spot on the glitch its easily 2-3 mins to get up and to the treasure room, instead of reloading and bringing a 2nd player in, usually those 2 parts are over 2-3 mins...

once i found the sweet spot and when to give up and reload, since sometimes for me anyways that spot just isnt there... i can do the glitch very easily, and not to say its still not frustrating it can be, but i feel its still easier....

User Info: Sasquatchimo

4 years ago#5
What you are doing is similar to moonshot farming.

People do the glitch because they can a) do it completely by themselves without having a splitscreen or online friend b) freely do it anytime they want instead of being stuck in a session. Edit: oh yes, and c) they already completed the Treasure Room twice and that is their only option by default (glitching).

Doing it the moonshot way requires a second player/splitscreen and as I mentioned, you are pretty much stuck in that area until you are completely done. To answer your last question, no there isn't anything risky about what you are doing other than messing up and saving but since you have a backup that isn't too big of an issue.
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User Info: xsaudio

4 years ago#6
I do the glitch because I already turned in both times for both playthroughs on my main character. To me part of the fun (sometimes) is trying to find that sweet spot and not just the instant rush to open the treasure chests.

User Info: Vegetall

4 years ago#7
the one one tip i can give you on the glitch, is when you get to the left turn to UP the body of the levathian, is go all the way to left, until you hit a corner of sorts, and jump and wiggle the analog stick from forward to left, and 60-70% you will hit the elevator if done correctly...

instead of just aimlessly jumping across that area, i found that corner is your best bet...

User Info: deadlyfred

4 years ago#8
My video showing how to do it makes it easy. You can get into the treasure room in less than 2 minutes, grab all the boxes in another two minutes, rinse and repeat.
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User Info: ZardoZsays

4 years ago#9
The two player method is twice as fast with no possibility of failure, plain and simple, just requires that you didnt already turn-in twice.

TC, just load in a 2-player game and go loot with p2, no need to touch p1.

User Info: bandit7319

4 years ago#10
Thanks for the responses! I tried for like an hour last night figuring out where it is and was finally like F this lol. To each their own I suppose. Depending on what your purposes are, I think the way I do it may be faster. If you're looking for vending machine fodder then the glitch would be best. I'm just looking for rares. I haven't really done it too much so I can't give an average, but I could see me bringing the second character in once every 10 runs maybe since rares don't always show up and there's no need to reload the save every time by just dashboarding out. Instead of running up an invisible bridge to another invisible bridge to an invisible elevator down an invisible path through a "rock"..... just run across Levi and into the room lol.

i did get lucky last night through and on my second or third run I got a legendary class mod. woooo.
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