Wow.. treasure room farming... doesn't seem that great.

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  3. Wow.. treasure room farming... doesn't seem that great.

User Info: FrEshBrEadStiCk

5 years ago#11
I've farmed the treasure room 200-300 times and got around 15-20 legendaries. I'd say the drop ratio is 1:20 or so, maybe a little better depending on how your luck is. There definitely times when it seems to be hot and cold though. I've gone on a 30+ run drought, but then I've got one several runs in a row.
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User Info: Shojimaru

5 years ago#12
I've done it only about 10 times, three times got one legendary and twice got two in one run.

User Info: Atair

5 years ago#13
Shojimaru posted...
I've done it only about 10 times, three times got one legendary and twice got two in one run.

Like players above are stating, it seems to run hot and cold. I've got two legendary items on the same run about five times. I got three legendary items once. I tried about 15 runs with Maya last night, and got one legendary, but it was a Caustic Infinity.

It is still the best place to farm for random legendary items in my opinion. Despite what the PC gurus say, I always equip the Vault Hunter Relic, and I seem to have better luck with my Zero character. YMMV
Left to right:
Dastardly Maggie - non-elemental - first ever Maggie for me
Barbed Striker - non-elemental - first ever Striker as well
Apt HellFire
Straight Ahead (Distant): Explicit Unkempt Harold - first ever Harold for me
Right: Two for One Gunerang - first ever Gunerang as well
In the same chest!
Left: Fabled Tortoise
Right: Black Hole

(Sorry for the poor photo quality)
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User Info: Vegetall

5 years ago#14
my first 9-10 runs, i got 6 legendary, and i got 2 in 1 run, 2 legendary mods, it was great...

but then the next 20-30 runs, nothing, some e-tech here and there...

then probably another 10 or so runs, i got a trick shot maggie and a slagga...

i thought there was a correlation between, the quest line and doing the glitch, b/c those first 10 or so runs were done right after the mains story was beat... but then the 20-30 so runs were done after i beat the quest for a second time... but from what i see, its again just random luck...since i dont feel like beating the priate DLC again to see....

User Info: dr_octagon_3000

5 years ago#15
Tough to nail down a %. I'd say it's worth it to get the Legendary class mods.

User Info: vinnied717

5 years ago#16
Sunshinelady posted...
People who do it a lot, what % would you say to see one orange in the chest?

Done this a little over 15 times now, yet to see an orange. Contemplating if its just better to farm individual enemies instead of doing this. All I've seen is a few purples and an e-tech here and there and if I wanted that I can simply USB exploit the golden key.

Pretty often actually... I've got about 20 orange items so far via about 40 times running the treasure room.

So far:

THREE legendary soldier class mods
Blood of terramorphous mod for a few characters
Legendary siren mod
Unkempt Harold
Babymaker x 2
Leech Grenade

More I'm sure I'm forgetting...

User Info: crosswindkrab

5 years ago#17
I've had good luck with it myself, but I've experienced "loot droughts" of about 6 or 7 runs. Doing it on playthrough 1 landed me 3 legendary class modes in under 15 attempts. Playthough 2 has landed me probably about 20 or so legendaries. It also happens to be the only place I've ever got an etech launcher.
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User Info: _Dr_Freeman_

5 years ago#18
noob question, where's the treasure room?
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User Info: aekrillin

5 years ago#19
I did it about 30 times and got 2 so I'd say like 10 or 15:1 that you get one. Fortunately I now have all the legendary weapons and most of the rare stuff so I don't have to do it anymore. All that jumping sucked!

User Info: Wandyman

5 years ago#20
My first run ever I got two oranges. In about 25 more runs I got two more.
GT: Buddhasmash83
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  3. Wow.. treasure room farming... doesn't seem that great.

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