main story to DLC ratio..?

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User Info: Vegetall

4 years ago#1
just curious how many times ppl have beaten the DLC to the main story (only really since you can get to the DLC at any time and there is powerleveling)

me i beat the story 5 times, and the DLC 3 times (pirate 1, torgue 2)

User Info: Azrael0206

4 years ago#2
Does that include both playthroughs?
If so..
Story - 6
Pirate - 3
Torgue - 4

Oooh i should shoot for 666
That'd be sweet :D
But pirate is so tedious.. :(
Always willing to help!
Official Angel of Death

User Info: Vegetall

4 years ago#3
yeah both playthroughs

i stopped my siren at playthrough 1, since the pete fight is so easy and he is still 52 and drops the same amount of crystals...

User Info: kidwgm

4 years ago#4
Level 49 assassin
Main Story:1
Pirates: Half way through
Torque: Haven't started
GT: Kid Whimsical 3DS FC: 4811-7436-8881

User Info: iOutlawTorn

4 years ago#5
Main Story - 9 (working on 10 and 11) with Maya pt 1, Maya pt 2, Maya pt 1 (second Siren), Sal pt 1, Sal pt 2, Axton pt 1, Axton pt 2, Gaige pt 1, Gaige pt 2

Pirate - 2 (Maya and Sal)

Torgue - 1 (Maya)

User Info: DividerByZero

4 years ago#6
Main Story: 3 (working on my Axton PT2)
Pirate: 1
Torgue: 1

User Info: IAmDJNinjaStar

4 years ago#7
So if each playthrough counts as 1, I have have:
- 14 story ( each char. plus Gaige and Axton twice)
- 4 scarlett
- 1 torque
But I plan on going through all DLCs with each character on at least TVHM. Man, we play a lot of this game huh?
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  3. main story to DLC ratio..?

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