Death by baby maker!

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User Info: Silverosx

4 years ago#11
Only against Terramorphous.

As he's first appearing and flailing his tentacles around, I sometimes throw it right as one is overlapping me.
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User Info: abombt7

4 years ago#12
Four Skulls posted...
What I hate is when you're behind cover, and peek through a crack or something, and have a clear shot, just to have your reload or rocket explode in your face.


User Info: jessew14

4 years ago#13
ive only killed myself with the badaboom occasionly but it usually kills the enemy and i get immediate secondwind

User Info: DesertZero

4 years ago#14
I've never had a Baby Maker, but the only Tediore reload that has downed me was of the rocket launcher variety. I did it once and I haven't used a Tediore RL since.

User Info: SlyfulDragon

4 years ago#15
SuprSaiyanRockr posted...
I more often kill myself with the Bonus Package.

More times have I done that than the BabyMaker.
Death by BabyMaker has been at least 2 times.
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