Siren ELEMENTAL Mods ????

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User Info: froy20

4 years ago#1
Quick question about this, my girlfriend is playing her Siren class and she's been using elemental mods that add for example corrode chance+22% corrode damage+19% but we don't see this triggering, is it because she needs to be using a corrode weapon in order for that to take effect? I thought that by putting an elemental mod she will automatically turn any weapon into an elemental weapon, seeing how the mod says she will have 22% chance that a bullet will do corrode damage.

I tried searching for answers but haven't seen anyone talk about this, please let me know how these mods work!! I appreciate it!
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User Info: kaeichi

4 years ago#2
+22% of 0 is still 0
needs to have the appropriate element on weapon for mod to affect it
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User Info: jedimika

4 years ago#3
It increase your chance by 22%. If you aren't using a corrosive weapon your at 0%.

0*.22= 0
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