Drop Rate Relic Question

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User Info: Godeki

5 years ago#1
I was curious about what the type of increase the relics provide. The one I have says it gives +5.0% to rare item drops rates. So let us say an item has a 2% chance to drop, does the relic increase that chance to drop to 7% or is it 5% increase to the 2% being 2.1%? I have looked over the boards and used the search function but I have found no answer to this question.
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User Info: genesis42

5 years ago#2
Pretty sure it's the latter.
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User Info: Mysticman89

5 years ago#3
Modders have discovered that the relic doesn't effect the drop rare of legendary items *at all* (whether if it's simply broken or if that by design I don't know), so odds are you're going to be better off using a different relic if that's your goal.
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