Your 3 Favorite Guns?

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User Info: NoName539

4 years ago#1
What are your 3 favorite weapons in this game? Still have so many to try out...

User Info: TerribleLuck

4 years ago#2
Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold, Two Fer Maggie and my Rightsizing Plasma Caster (Hyperion E-Tech SMG, 7,3k Damage fast fire rate, decent magazine size)

I'm big on pistols and anything that goes boom.

User Info: Azrael0206

4 years ago#3
Non Elemental Vengeful Infinity
Tumtum Cobra
Corrosive Rightsizing B****
I love this setup on most toons :)
Always willing to help!
Official Angel of Death

User Info: heffe23

4 years ago#4
overall-infinity, fibber, shreddifier

pistols- maggie rubi dp harold
smg- @#%&$ plasma caster slagga
ar- torgue spitters/torpedo, grenadier, kerblaster
sniper-white death, invader, cher amie
shotgun-deliverance, ravager, sledges
rocket-mongol, norfleet, badaboom

relics- sherriffs badge,protection, vitality
nades- bonus package, storm front, crossfire

i love these topics
Gamertag- heffe228
legendaries list done. working on those unique blues

User Info: SoulEater00

4 years ago#5
The hide of terra is awesome so I just melee with my katana.

User Info: C_Aureus

4 years ago#6
Of the guns I have now, these are my favorite:

Deft Plasma Caster
Manufacturer: Dahl
Type: SMG
Rarity: Purple (E-Tech)
Damage: 6816
Accuracy: 92.2
Fire Rate: 7.1
Reload Speed: 3.3
Magazine Size: 64
Burn dmg/Sec: 3605.9
Chance to Ignite: 12.0%
+67% Weapon recoil Reduction
Price: $31,139

Skookum Muckamuck
Manufacturer: Jakobs
Type: Sniper
Rarity: Purple
Damage: 31300
Accuracy: 97.4
Fire Rate: 2.8
Reload Speed: 5.0
Magazine Size: 8
+15% Weapon Damage
Price: $50,487

Critical Conference Call
Manufacturer: Hyperion
Type: Shotgun
Rarity: Orange
Damage: 5463x5
Accuracy: 72.4
Fire Rate: 3.6
Reload Speed: 3.9
Magazine Size: 11
Burn Dmg/Sec: 3605.9
Chance to Ignite: 8.0%
-13% Weapon Accuracy
-20% weapon Recoil Reduction
+50% Critical Hit Damage
Price: $179,567

Those are the ones I have on my main character, Level 50 Commando.
Pax Per Bellum

User Info: Gemini_Red

4 years ago#7
I tend to play my Mech the most, so that's why some of these are on my list.

Shredifier-Super fast fire rate with less than half a mag left+ bouncing bullets off surfaces=absolute carnage.

Infinity-fire away and always reviving health when damaged.

Maggie-no particular reason here, it's just a fun gun to rip off faces with.

User Info: AlleRacing

4 years ago#8
Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold
Razrez Lyuda
12 Pounder

User Info: AngryOldFeral

4 years ago#9
1. Two-Fer Maggie revolver w/ holo-sight.
2. Mad Moxxi's Heartbreaker shotgun.
3. Buffalo unscoped sniper rifle w/foregrip.
Smoking Ghost / Feral Manx
Proud Outcast of Capcom Unity

User Info: ZardoZsays

4 years ago#10
If I could only carry 3 the whole game I'd choose

Electric White Death
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