Increased rare loot rate?

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User Info: jimmyCCFC

4 years ago#1
I've either had a good run of luck or they have increased the drop rate recently. Not only have i had some quality random drops, i've also seen a huge increase in Legendary and E-tech from chests.

In the last 24 hours i've had (all level 50 versions of)
Babymaker from box near hyperious
Emperor from chest atop the lighthouse
Cradle shield from random mob
XXX head from 1 run at terra
numerous E-tech from random chests

This sort of loot run i've never seen the likes of. Is this a stealth increase or just a decent run of luck?

User Info: PyroHorus

4 years ago#2
i think you are just lucky because i didn't have none of that :(
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  3. Increased rare loot rate?

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