Video on the upcoming The Bee patch

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User Info: Pensato

4 years ago#31
and1ballr posted...
The point I'm trying to make is that the drop rate should be higher, to make it still worth spendings hours farming the same boss for a legendary, since the bee got powered down, because the bee was the only thing that made farming somewhat doable. I don't know about the other players, but I don't have the patience to sit through a 10-20 min boss fight, only for him to drop some decent gear. By now, I'm sure most people would have gear that's a lot better than the stuff they drop that isn't legendary. When they do finally drop it, chances are you would have farmed that boss more than 30 times already.

There are rare cases where some people get a legendary drop within the first 5 times they farm a boss, but that doesn't happen that often, from what I've been reading on here.

So in a nutshell, if farming will take longer, then the drop rates should be higher to make up for the additional time you will have to spend farming a boss.

But, you didn't say that drop rates should be increased. Because then I would have agreed with you. You said, he should always drop a legendary other than the class mods, which would be silly. The Bee obviously killed Terra much faster than Gearbox intended. So they've adjusted it to be more in line with what they wanted. Terra can still be killed pretty fast. You can find videos of people killing Terra under a minute without The Bee.

However, Legendary drop and spawn chances do need to be increased, especially in chests and vendors. The drop rate increase needed has nothing to do with the change to kill times for Terra but everything to do with good game design that would result in a more enjoyable game. Unfortunately Gearbox doesn't understand that.

Lost_Djinn posted...
They never said you CAN'T beat it Solo, but they repeatedly say you need/should have a good party/level/gear etc in their videos/streams.

So? They still never said they wanted Terra to only be able to be killed by teams. Just that Terra would be a challenge for teams. Which didn't really work out as they had hoped, because game design isn't Gearbox's strong suite. They also tend to say things that are not true making it hard to take them seriously.

StormWolf12 posted...
Yeah, it's a shame that this game isn't winning GOTY awards and the like, huh?

Sales decreased because of the bee nerf? Yeah, right.

You really think that the number of PC players turned off by the bee nerf was enough to drop it on the rankings? You're diffusional.

GOTY is a joke. Just about every game will get a handful of them.

But I do agree with the rest. Anyone who thinks BL2 sales has anything to do with one item getting nerffed is living in derp land.
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