How many people beat Pete the Invincible solo?

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  3. How many people beat Pete the Invincible solo?

User Info: StormWolf12

5 years ago#11
I've solo'd him.

User Info: Nanis23

5 years ago#12
I was able to beat Pete solo in playthrough 1,and I couldn't beat Gee in playthrough 1
So...Gee is much harder than Pete actually

User Info: Mayhemers

4 years ago#13
Gee is just cheap heh. People just use the rock hiding trick, and then pray that the game didn't freeze after he dies (pre patch coming).
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User Info: dueric

4 years ago#14
The trick is to not use the pump to the left of the intercom station where you start the quest. That one spawns rats. (I think it's the left one, not sure)

Only use the other pump. That one spawns small spiderants.

I figured that out after like 5 tries of getting decimated by the rats. It's still not an easy fight, but not having to deal with the rats make it a ton less frustrating.
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User Info: abombt7

4 years ago#15
If you are having such a hard time, it is most likely due to your gear. He can be solo'd without the glitch also. You need shock weaponry that can take his armor down quickly. If you don't have any shock weaponry, it will be a long fight.

If you use the glitch to go up on the sides, you don't necessarily have to get him to jump up there with you. For me, it's actually easier if he stays down. You just have to learn how to "peek and shoot" at the right times. You don't even have to use the water valves if you do it right.
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  3. How many people beat Pete the Invincible solo?

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