New Let's Play Series, FRIENDLY FIRE, Started This Today

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User Info: macdude55

4 years ago#1
Our YouTube channel may just be starting out, but we intend to go places. We're looking for any views and opinions we can get, so we decided to go for a more recent game compared to our Castle Crashers and Dead Island series. Borderlands 2 took the cake, so hopefully you guys like it!

User Info: macdude55

4 years ago#2
Latest episode:

User Info: NateO81

4 years ago#3
I tried to watch it. Almost fell asleep. What are you shooting for here?

User Info: dahoros

4 years ago#4
I'll be honest you guys were kinda annoying and not that funny.
PSN: Dahoros
I always seem to contradict myself.

User Info: BigSai29

4 years ago#5
You owe me a minute of my life back. Do you have a Fibber for trade?

J/K I'm totally indifferent to your vids.

User Info: Flow_149

4 years ago#6
It's okay, I enjoyed the six minutes (I watched) of it. The lame jokes, upbeat attitude, and terrible voice acting reminded me of the actual game. hurr hurr. 7/10

User Info: Yochodo

4 years ago#7
you guys wouldn't shut the **** up after the first minute with that weird noise so i stopped watching

"wow street lights and benches. if those don't make it a sequel than i don't know what will" - G-Scythe

User Info: SpaceAssassin

4 years ago#8
If you're not somewhat competitive in a game and don't care if you do poorly, you're probably not competitive in life. That probably means you're a hobo -banana

User Info: superdiddy34

4 years ago#9
wow this topic must be full of non dupers

User Info: youngunner2123

4 years ago#10
Wow!!! He just left the topic in tears o_o
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