Would have been a great time to integrate ice weapons.

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  3. Would have been a great time to integrate ice weapons.

User Info: need4speed6448

4 years ago#1
Maybe throw a shift code out for a gun that shoots snow balls or something. I'm really surprised that gearbox didn't do anything like this.

User Info: StormWolf12

4 years ago#2
Lol, really surprised people think you add things to the game with shift codes.

User Info: Slazer

4 years ago#3
People have been asking for an ice element for a while now. It's kinda strange they didn't implement it in BL2. Maybe they don't want to mess up the games lore.

yea a lower dot compared to the other elements but with a chance to slow or freeze opponents would be great for ice weapons imo.
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User Info: xHuckleberry

4 years ago#4
Ill admit, when i first seen storm say something about a new ice element. It peaked my interest. Hopefully, we dont have to wait until BL3 for that to happen.

Cause it wont be happening thru a shift code. But i like the way youre think'n!

User Info: StormWolf12

4 years ago#5
Being that they completely removed the "stun" status, it's feasible that they could add a freeze type effect in a differed capacity someday, but I think it'll be a while (BL3), unfortunately.

User Info: Master X

Master X
4 years ago#6
Actually, doesn't stun affect certain enemies? And the new enemies can stun YOU in the third DLC. Not completely removed, just the weapons/abilities that can do it on anyone/anything.

It's not out of there to think they could add it for a future DLC, especially since it looks like we'll have a second season of DLCs. What if while on the Hyperion moon ship, you break into their R&D and they'd been doing Eridium experiments and made an ice element and made some guns? The tech spreads and BAM you can now access ice element weapons.
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User Info: LazarusNecrosis

4 years ago#7
To play Devil's Advocate, it would definitely take away from Maya's usefulness with Phaselock.
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  3. Would have been a great time to integrate ice weapons.

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