So.....anyone here who finds the original better?

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User Info: mu695

4 years ago#51
From: Panopictonguy | Posted: 12/29/2012 11:03:22 AM | #045
mooninomics posted...

That's a mobile link:

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User Info: Mr_Fury32

4 years ago#52
while i feel that BL2 is much better, there are two things i wish they'd given more thought about:

1) weapon proficiency: yes we have the Badass rank instead, but that takes AGES to raise it to a decent enough level, and is semi-random, you cant guarantee what stat you'll get. i hate the way games companies these appear to make you play THEIR way, blizzard do this with Diablo III, nerfing the f**k out the monks defensive skills... i play as a Monk BECAUSE of the defensive fighting suits my type of game-play!! Gearbox are doing it by NOT letting us pick a weapon or two that WE like and level THAT up...

2) Manufacturers: in the first Borderlands this meant something, and while it still does, the effect feels lost, and some of the new ones make no sense at all, Bandit as a manufacturer? please, like they actually sell their guns... and BRING BACK S&S Munitions, Bandit has replaced them POORLY, S&S were great, large mags, decent RoF, accurate and a reasonable reload time. bandit cant come close, even their trademark of large mags is a let down, they dont come close to S&S...

legendary's don't bother me, seems like most "kiddies" here feel naked without them :)

end angry rant :)
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User Info: GrievousMaximus

4 years ago#53
I find there's a lot more humour in the second game. It's neither good or bad but it's there. The really big difference for me between the two is the atmosphere. I found the first game to have a feeling of desolation, isolation and loneliness. Whether it was due to less interaction with NPCs or the music or just the way the game was designed as it seemed there was a lot less focus on team play as there is in the second, I really can't say for sure. I just really got into the groove of the first and how it made me feel that I was utterly on my own. Loved it.

With that being said I'm having a hell of a great time playing the second but the experience isn't the same as the first game.
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User Info: MitzeIpik

4 years ago#54
Just bought 1 & 2 in a sale (I had played 1 previously, but didn't get all the dlc). I'm maybe 3/4 through 1 and I have to wonder how long ago some of you guys played.
All white guns are useless after the first 15 minutes. A green is decent only of you're in a new area. Blues+ last way longer than I'd like to admit. Legendary weapons may be more common on bl1, but all 6 I've found/bought in 1 have been worthless or I found a similar weapon, better, within the next 2-3 quests.
And I remember farming weapon chests with friends and randoms online for hours on end, trying to get a decent gun
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User Info: GujinKami

4 years ago#55
From: Mr_Fury32 | #252
legendary's don't bother me, seems like most "kiddies" here feel naked without them :)

It's not even that. Pre-50 you're most likely using nothing but quest rewards unless you struck it lucky with a good batch of purples/oranges. Everything you get from finishing quests are infinitely superior than most of the stuff you'll find in vendors, chests, and corpses.

User Info: Nintendo guy

Nintendo guy
4 years ago#56
Kpt_Kapowski posted...
that's quite a long post to say "I have no idea what im talking about".

Doesn't the post in your link more or less support what Panopictonguy was saying?

To pull directly from the post in your link:

Valid part-based gun builds: 2.2 million
Factoring in level: 100,000,000+

Valid part-based gun builds: 3-4 million (vanilla to everything added)
Factoring in levels: 20-24 million (vanilla to everything added)

Based on the "Factoring in level" lines, and assuming his numbers are accurate, this seems to mean that the first game technically had more unique combinations of parts, but a lot of them could only be generated at certain levels, and while BL2 has fewer unique gun builds, most of them can be found at any level.

The implication being that at any given level, BL2 will have more possible builds available to be found by the player.

It's worth noting, however, that while the first game would have less combinations available at, say, level 50, the guns you find would be more likely to be ones you haven't already seen lower level versions of.

Again, this is all assuming that the info from the Gearbox forums post is accurate, and that I've interpreted it correctly.

User Info: Nintendo guy

Nintendo guy
4 years ago#57
mooninomics posted...
That could have something to do with it, but it could also be how chests in the original were actually worth opening. Before it was like "Oh! A chest!". Now it's like "Oh. A chest...". Sure, you can still find some nice guns in chests and you still occasionally found crap in old chests, but the ratio was much more rewarding.

Or the fact that regular enemies dropping loot was actually a decent way to find good weapons.

Or that enemies would actually drop weapons they were using. Before, if an enemy was kicking you around and had some sort of badass gun, he was a big threat that needed to be eliminated, plus he'd drop said badass gun after you took him out. Now if an enemy is using some sort of badass gun, he's just got a badass gun and he's a big threat that needs to be eliminated. Same risk, not nearly as much reward.

Oranges were found more often, true. But you also found enough good non-orange weapons that finding oranges didn't end up being the whole focus. When you found one, it was awesome. However, not finding one wasn't at all a problem because you had enough cool and awesome other ones to choose from. Toning it down was fine, but I think they over-did it. Oranges are fine as-is, but the other rarities are just kind of bleh as far as finding them goes. It's almost to the point where it's harder to find good purples and blues than it is to find good oranges.

I dunno, higher rarities being more rare in BL2 notwithstanding, I haven't noticed chests to be particularly worse or better than in BL1. Same with enemy drops. In fact, I find quite a few usable guns in BL2: usually green or blue, but occasionally even white, while I recall finding piles and piles of useless crap in BL1, and I don't think I ever used a white gun past level 10 in that game.

Even in the case of enemies dropping the guns they were holding: while it's definitely a nice touch that I don't think should have been removed, they were rarely ever much better than the standard vendor fodder, in my experience.

Not that I don't find plenty of vendor garbage in this game: it's obviously the norm in a loot game like this for most of it to suck. But I do find myself having to make a decision between two guns much more often in this game than I did in the first.

Of course, the RNG nature of a game like this means that everyone is going to have a different experience, and so my anecdotal evidence means very little, but eh. Either I've been consistently lucky enough not to have had the same problems most people had with BL2, or something is skewing everyone's recollections of the first game.

User Info: Kpt_Kapowski

4 years ago#58
I consider the "factoring in levels" thing just a way to manipulate the base numbers to get what you want.

Fact is, BL1 loot system > BL2 loot system.

And no amount of fancy math or arguing will change that.
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User Info: Nintendo guy

Nintendo guy
4 years ago#60
Kpt_Kapowski posted...
I consider the "factoring in levels" thing just a way to manipulate the base numbers to get what you want.

This is a pretty vague statement.

Fact is, BL1 loot system > BL2 loot system.

There comes a time in everyone's life when you learn that using the word "fact" doesn't automatically make your statement true or end the discussion.
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