loot drop bonnanza tonight 11pm one come all !!!

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  3. loot drop bonnanza tonight 11pm one come all !!!

User Info: BigStevieCool26

4 years ago#31
Thanks again ghost, hope you don't get stalked too much, lol
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User Info: Reventon64

4 years ago#32
I was wondering the same thing Kanb1e because i tried joining and was kicked instantly

User Info: KANB1E

4 years ago#33
Hello? TC? Anyone?

User Info: AzraelsFalx

4 years ago#34
If you are still helping out I am interested. Please send me an invite at AzraeIs Falx...that is a capital I in Azraels. Thanks a bunch
GT: AzraeIs Falx
"That Brumaks' gonna molest ma Betty!" -Dizzy

User Info: mr_escobar

4 years ago#35
Forgot to give a second thanks, you really are the most awesome person ever! :D
Advocate of teh lulz. Rival of Hector_of_Ostia; Founder of The Fab 4.
GT: Admiral Escobar; Alternate DD GT: Erin Escabar

User Info: VeritasAbIrato

4 years ago#36
This guy is for real, thanks again man, helped me get ahead of the farming grind.

User Info: speelo415

4 years ago#37
thanks man for all the awsome loot

User Info: Guyver1646

4 years ago#38
Thanks for your help

User Info: AllTerrainMTB

4 years ago#39
What kind of skins and heads you got? Just curious, I could use some epic loot for when I get back to 50 but not a big deal.
Your silence humbles me, You should be scared.
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  3. loot drop bonnanza tonight 11pm one come all !!!

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