What is your favorite type of guns from each company?

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User Info: LuminousSpark

4 years ago#1
Topic. My favorites are:

Bandit: Rocket Launchers

Dahl: None, I hate burst-fire while aiming!

Hyperion: Shotguns

Jakobs: Pistols, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles

Maliwan: Sniper Rifles, Submachine Guns

Tediore: Submachine Guns

Torgue: Assault Rifles, Rocket Launchers

Vladof: Assault Rifles, Pistols
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User Info: AlleRacing

4 years ago#3
Bandit: Rocket Launchers
Dahl: Assault Rifles
Hyperion: SMGs
Jakobs: Sniper Rifles
Maliwan: Sniper Rifles
Tediore: Shotguns
Torgue: Assault Rifles
Vladof: Sniper Rifles

User Info: Munchkinator

4 years ago#4
I actually REALLY like Vladof sniper rifles - they don't have the raw power of a Jakob's or the eletech of a Maliwan, but they have full auto fire for when you have the boss's weak point lined up and just want to put 20 sniper criticals into the poor sod in about two seconds.

Otherwise, honestly, Maliwan for pretty much everything. Elemental damage is too much fun, and no one does it better than Maliwan. Hate explosive weapons in general so screw Torgue, I compulsively reload every time there's a break in combat so screw Tediore, Jakob's has no element stuff and no full auto to make up for it, Hyperion enrages me after how good they were in first game, Dahl snipers enrage me to the point of foaming at the mouth, and Bandit stuff... has literally no upside other than large clip sizes.
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User Info: F_Galikanokus

4 years ago#5
No way I could pick just one, so I'll do my favorite two

Bandit: Shot guns and assault rifles
Dahl: Assault Rifles and SMGs (usually fired from the hip)
Hyperion: SMGs and Shot guns (I'd use a pistols if they only had bigger mags)
Jakobs: Sniper Rifles and assault rifles (particularly the grenade launching ones)
Maliwan: SMGs and Sniper rifles (despise their pistols, except the legendary)
Tediore: Shotguns and launchers
Torgue: Shotguns and launchers
Vladof: Sniper Rifles and pistols
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User Info: PerfektDar

4 years ago#6
I know I have a least favorite, and that's Dahl.

I don't like aiming that much, and you stop aiming when you go to reload. I don't get much use out of burst fire
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User Info: I have no name

I have no name
4 years ago#7
Jacobs: pistols. I always carry a jacob's revolver, ideally with a sight on it since I can never hit the critical spot with irons.

Maliwan: SMGs. They look frickin sweet and the elemental damage added every few shots more than makes up for the lower damage.

Torque: SHOTGUNS! I loves me a nice torgue shotgun. It's easy to see the rounds so you know if it hit, the splash damage makes criticals easier and they just look badass.

Hyperion: SMGs. I used to despise them, but once I got used to the reverse recoil they became my favorite. The first few shots are wasted, but the other 20-30 rounds in your clip will hit exactly where you want.

Bandit/Dahl/Vladof/Tediore: I don't bother with these unless I find one with stats far better than what I'm using currently, which is unlikely now that I'm lvl 50. My Siren has a passive and a kill skill to boost reloading so big bandit magazines and fast tediore reloads hold no appeal for me. Burst fire/full auto weapons burn through ammo and aren't precise enough for my playstyle focused around critical hits, though I am liking the vladof E-tech launcher I found, gotta love shooting balls of lightning full-auto.
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User Info: Dark Blade 13

Dark Blade 13
4 years ago#8
Bandit: Rocket Launchers. Even though I don't like their guns in general, I think their Rocket Launchers are the best in the game because of their high capacity and they are great for getting Second Wind

Dahl: None. I really hate the burst fire and their guns don't suit my playstyle.

Hyperion: Shotguns. Hyperion guns was my favorite in BL1 but now I hate them in BL2 because of the reverse recoil. You going to waste 3 or 4 bullets before you can get the accuracy you want but I think their shotguns are great because of their high fire rate so recoil and accuracy isn't an issue.

Jakobs: Pistols, Sniper Rifles. The only pistols I use are Jakobs because they outperform every other pistols in the game. Their sniper rifles are great because of pure power.

Maliwan: Sniper Rifles, Submachine Guns The only SMGs I use in this game are Maliwans because of their elemental damage, decent reload speed and they feel like E-Tech guns. Also their sniper rifles are pretty decent and they are better than Hyperion's sniper rifles.

Tediore: None. I don't like the idea wasting the remaining ammo when you reload. Also I don't feel comfortable not having a full clip. Their guns don't suit my style.

Torgue: Rocket Launchers, Grenade. I don't really like their guns because of their slow fire rates, but their rocket launchers are great because of high attack power. I like Bandits better though.

Vladof: Assault Rifles. The only assault rifles I use in this game are Vladof because they have great balance of fire rate, reload speed, capacity.
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User Info: getLEVERAGE

4 years ago#9
Bandit: N/A, I've yet to come across any e-tech SMGs from this brand but I'm sure I'd love those

Maliwan: Plasma Casters, Rubi

Jakobs: Snipers, shotguns, Maggie

Hyperion: USED to be critical shotguns, Hybridification, Plasma Casters, Slow Hand

Valdof: Mongol, White Death,

Dahl: Plasma Casters, Veruc, Blasters

Torgue: Raver, KerBlaster, Harold

User Info: getLEVERAGE

4 years ago#10
Oh, forgot Tediore. Just Plasma Casters really. Mainly just aesthetics here though, other companies do it better
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