I'm level 41 and I have still never gotten an orange weapon

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  3. I'm level 41 and I have still never gotten an orange weapon

User Info: Kenhorou

4 years ago#11
I got my first orange from that quest. I obtained my second orange from a creeper. I got my final orange on The Warrior my first playthrough. It was the sniper.
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User Info: RineN1

4 years ago#12
I have lvl 40 Maggie (Awesome pistol) if you want a dupe, but im not online atm so message me if interested
GT: RineN1. State you are from here before adding!
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User Info: kiwimyweewee

4 years ago#13
That's pretty normal to not have seen an orange weapon. You aren't alone.
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User Info: need4speed6448

4 years ago#14
I only got three with my level 50 assassin, 4 with my level 50 mechro, and i have already found 4 with my level 28 maya. This does not include the firehawk shield or grinding boss fight for drops, just random oranges from chests and enemies.

User Info: pookiejin

4 years ago#15
Brandonkillen22 posted...
I think that's the orange he was talking about...and don't feel bad, I took my commando to lvl 50 without getting an orange. You can tip moxxi about 10 to 20 g's for a decent gun...then another 10 to 20 for her other gun. However I'm pretty sure you can only do it once per play through so I don't know if you want to. They are purples tho I believe.

you can do it repeatedly. Though the weapons scale to your level so its best to do it only once in a while. Also Moxxxi sometimes glitches and won't give a second gun if you try to get both guns at the same time.

User Info: BigSai29

4 years ago#16
Pretty much your only realistic shot at legendaries on your run from lvl 1-50 are when you face bosses that have specific legendary drops. That's why it isn't out of the ordinary to get things like a level 1 Hornet, level 4 bonus package, level 30 Warrior drops, etc.

User Info: bigtyme56

4 years ago#17
I didnt get mine until i was a level 50, im still searching for more though before i farm like crazy
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  3. I'm level 41 and I have still never gotten an orange weapon

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