maya advice please

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User Info: anewman33

4 years ago#1
hello vault hunters, i have a level 50 gaige and zero and have now just started a maya playthrough, im at level 18 and have been going down the cataclysm tree but it just doesnt seem that good, immolation hardly does any damage and neither does acid cloud. any suggested builds or do those skills get better? thanks
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User Info: anewman33

4 years ago#2
sorry i meant helios not immolate.
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User Info: SpaceCadetGlow7

4 years ago#3
The only great things in that tree are Reaper and Ruin.

Until you have lots of skill points to spend, like at level 50, it's best to focus more on the other two trees, IMO. Maya is my only 50 and I kept a very defensive style at least up until level 40+. So, I put most of my skills into staying alive and phaselock. I would recommend at your level doing as many skills as you can into the first two things in the first two trees. That will give some solid survival and good damage and critical boosts. hope that helps :)

User Info: anewman33

4 years ago#4
exactly what i wanted to hear thanks, i love the idea of the cataclysm tree but in practise seems underwhelming. i am enjoying her the least out of everyone so far but i want a level 50 for raid bosses as my friends wont level her so i thought i would. i am going sal next as i have a level 25 one already then axton last as he is only level 8. i have not put so much time in any game since oblivion!
Xbl- an3wm4n33
Gaara- "As long as there are people in this world to kill, I will not cease to exist. "

User Info: Pensato

4 years ago#5
Maya has the lowest direct DPS of all the characters. Her Cataclysm tree is about damage over time. Both Helios and Cloud Kill are great dots, they are even better once you have converge.

With that said, going down the Cataclysm tree while leveling up is one of the better options with Maya. Ruin is her best skill. However, Maya will not sine till you have Converge + Ruin + Helios + Cloud Kill. That's when she can wreak with Phase Lock.

What you need to do is get used to her DOT playstyle till you get Converge later on. Keep an eye out for grenades that have singularity effects. Throw the grenade before you Phase Lock and you'll have a similar effect as Converge. Once singularity takes effect hit a enemy with Phase Lock and Helios will now hit the group of enemies. Shot them to get Cloud Kill going and the group now has a fire and corrosive dot going. It gets even better once you have Ruin.

Once you get Converge you can use whatever kind of grenades you like.

Look for a Cat mod. I like KIller/Wild Cat mods. This will increase her SMG damage. Now just keep your eye open for good SMGs and her dps won't feel so bad.

Another option is try out Thought Lock once you have the points. I haven't had much experience with that ability though.

User Info: anewman33

4 years ago#6
sweet will have to give that a go, never really used singularity grenades as i love tesla ones! thanks for the input hopefully will start enjoying her more now!
Xbl- an3wm4n33
Gaara- "As long as there are people in this world to kill, I will not cease to exist. "

User Info: I have no name

I have no name
4 years ago#7
Acid cloud and helios won't kill enemies on their own, they just help wear down health. They're best used with converge, I think that's the one that turns phaselock into a magnet, so you can drag a group together and burn/corrode half a dozen enemies at once.
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User Info: SinisterSyn

4 years ago#8
I like to have Chain Reaction for a Cataclysm Siren as well. With Chain Reaction and good SMG, your bullets will be flying into nearby enemies that you just pulled in with Converge, dealing even more extra damage to the group. But I am conflicted a lot when I go into co-op though, since I don't like not having Res to help the team out. So I usually just end up with Ruin and Res, but hopefully the level cap raise will help with that conflict. If you're a solo player, then none of this really matters. :T

User Info: Krudmuffins

4 years ago#9
I specced my Maya for a powerful Phaselock, and Elemental Damage.

Basically what I worked with:
Flicker, Helios, Chain Reaction (Cloud Kill is alright too, although I don't really care for that ability) are the great ones, and use as many mods as you can to up those skills. For the rest of the tree, spread points however you want until you can get 'ruin.' I found Phoenix, Immolate, and Backdraft pretty meh.

For my secondary tree I focused on 'Motion,' with the ultimate goal of getting 'converge.' Ruin and Converge together, with all those bouncing elemental shots is incredibly good. Distributing points into Motion to crank my shields (plus a nice fast-charging turtle shield) and then filling up intertia is a wonderful shield-focused elemental class.

The thing about this build is that it's only -really- good as an endgame thing, and really isn't anything spectacular until you can get Ruin AND some good Fire/Corrosive mods going to get Flicker and Helios higher.... Helios is pretty trash without Converge and at least operating at 8 or 9 points.

For a pre TVHM run, focusing on some of the low-tier motion and harmony stuff will probably be a 'better' build.
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User Info: Kpt_Kapowski

4 years ago#10
here's some gameplay of a Cat for you to get an idea what to expect, TC.
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