Are the guns really that much better in TVHM?

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  3. Are the guns really that much better in TVHM?

User Info: Moukaryuu

5 years ago#1
I've beaten the game (awhile ago, now) on normal, and I started messing with TVHM a bit, but then I went to the DLC on normal. I haven't noticed gun drops being worth a damn at my level on normal, and TVHM seems to be a real pain in the arse with my existing arsenal. If I tough it out and level up a bit, can I actually expect to get cooler weapons? Oranges don't exist in this game for me. 1 drop in something like 40 hours of play time. That's BS.

So as much as I like the game (and I really do), I haven't played it for awhile out of frustration.
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User Info: daichanrox

5 years ago#2
Yes, the weapons dropped/looted in TVHM will be significantly be better than the ones you currently have. If you were to play a few hour of TVHM and collect a few weapons and go back into the normal mode, you'll be annihilating most of the enemies there. Give it a shot. BTW, I didn't get my first legendary until I was about 40 or so hours into the game. Keep grinding and you'll eventually get a lot more.

User Info: Aceofblades2k2

5 years ago#3
After I'd say about Sanctuary lifting off, weapons get WWWWWAYYYYY better in TVHM
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  3. Are the guns really that much better in TVHM?

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