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LF: Legendary Siren Mod

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User Info: Gary_Miller

4 years ago#1
Hi, I've been trying to get this mod for dayss but I'd figure I'd barter online for it.

Willing to trade LVL50: The Bee (+3700 amp dam), Slagga, Fibber (bouncing kind), Flakker, Purple Jacobs rifle (29k damage and 180% crit damage), Plasma Caster (shock)

That's pretty much all the valuables I have, please post your GT and item or items you wish to trade for. Thanks!

GT: Max La Sena

User Info: Sno0p_B

4 years ago#2
i'll help you mic is acting up right now so i wont be able to talk

GT Sno0p Bo0gi3

User Info: king_ortis

4 years ago#3
GT: KingOrtis
"Don't like me or my comments? Then GTFO..."

User Info: Gary_Miller

4 years ago#4
Thanks guys! I've been waiting for this item for so long! I sent an invite to king mortis. snoops friends list were full =/

Did you want anything to trade for it king?
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  3. LF: Legendary Siren Mod

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