Legendary Boss Drops & Unique Quest Rewards

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User Info: Rayno_2004

4 years ago#1
This really needs to be on this forum:

Assault Rifles
Seraphim[DLC1] - Seraph Vendor
Lead Storm[DLC3] - ???
Madhouse - Mad Dog*, Lynchwood
Veruc - Mobley, The Dust
Hammer Buster - McNally, The Dust
KerBlaster - Midge-mong, Southern Shelf
Shredifier - Unknown
Scorpio - Quest reward from "Bearer of Bad News" (Unique)
Evil Smasher - Quest reward from "The Chosen One" (Unique)
Hail - Quest reward from "Bandit Slaughter: Round 5" (Unique)
Stomper - Quest reward from "Hungery Like the Skag" (Unique)
Stinkpot[DLC1] - No Beard(Does not Respawn), Oasis
Captain Blade's Rapier[DLC1]- Quest Reward from "Message in a Bottle (Hayter's Folley)"
Boom Puppy[DLC2] - Quest reward from "Walking the Dog"
Angry Kitten[DLC2] - Quest reward from "Everybody Wants to be Wanted"
Damned Cowboy[DLC3] - ???
Chopper[DLC3] - ???

Devastator[DLC1] - Seraph Vendor
Infection[DLC3] - ???
Gub - Laney, The Fridge
Hornet - Knuckledragger, Southern Shelf
Maggie - Mick Zafod, The Dust (Side with Hodunks)
Thunderball Fists - Captain Flynt, Southern Shelf
Gunerang - Rakk Man, The Fridge
Unkempt Harold - Savage Lee*, Three Horns
Infinity - Doc Mercy, Three Horns Valley
Logan's Gun - Wilhelm, End of the Line
Dahlminator - Quest reward from "The Lost Treasure" (Unique)
Teapot - Quest reward from Tiny Tina "You are cordially invited"(unique)
Judge - Assassin Oney, Southpaw Steam and Power(Unique)
Rubi - Quest reward from Moxxi "Rakkaholic Anonymous" (Unique)
Fibber - Quest reward from "A Real Boy" (Unique)
Veritas - Quest reward from "Clan Wars: Wakey Wakey" (Unique)
Flint's Tinderbox - Captain Flint, Southern Shelf (Unique)
Gwen's Head - Found in a box near the Buzzard camp in The Dust (Unique)
Lady Fist - Quest reward from Una Mailbox in "Uncle Teddy" (Unique)
Law - Sheriff, Lynchwood (Unique)
Greed[DLC1] - Spoiler: Captain Scarlet during "Treaures of the Sands"
Little Evie[DLC1] - Magnys Lighthouse Kill Mr. Bubbles without hurting Lil' Sis. Speak with Lil' Sis afterwards to recieve Little Evie
Pocket Rocket[DLC2] - Purchase from Torgue Vending Machines
Rex[DLC3] - ???

Rocket Launcher
ERROR MESSAGE ERROR MESSAGE[DLC1] - NPC Weapon used by Master Gee.
Ahab[DLC1] -Master Gee, Hayter's Folley / Seraph Vendor
Badaboom - King Mong, Eridian Blight
Pyrophobia - Incinerator Clayton, Frostburn Canyon
Bunny - Chubby enemies
Nukem - Black Queen, The Dust
Mongol - Dukino's Mom, Lynchwood
Norfleet - Vermivouris / Hyperius, Washburne Factory
Roaster - Quest reward from "Note to Self-Person" (Unique)
Creamer - Quest reward from "Creature Slaughter: Round 5" (Unique)
The Hive - Saturn, Arid Nexus Badlands (Unique)
12 Pounder[DLC1] - The Big Sleep, Hayter's Folley
Harpoon[DLC3] - ???
Gametag: Raynofett

User Info: Rayno_2004

4 years ago#2
Retcher[DLC1] - Seraph Vendor
Interfacer[DLC3] - ???
Conference Call - The Warrior
Striker - Old Slappy, The Highlands
Deliverance - Tumba, Wildlife Preserve
Flakker - The Warrior
Sledge's Shotgun - Smash Head, The Fridge
Slow Hand[DLC2] - Badassaurus Rex/Piston, The Arena
Thre Dog - Assassin Rouf, Southpaw Steam and Power (Unique)
Triquetra - Quest reward from "Clan Wars: End of the Rainbow" (Unique)
Moxxi's Heartbreaker - Quest reward for siding with Moxxi in "Safe and Sound" (Unique)
Shotgun 1340 - Quest reward from Marcus during "Out of Body Experience (Unique)
Blockhead - Badass Creepers, Caustic Caverns (Unique)
Octo - Quest reward from "Slap Happy" (Unique)
Roksalt - Quest reward from "Splinter Group" (Unique)
Landscaper - Quest reward from "Family Fued: Dueling Banjos and Fiddles" (Unique)
Tidal Wave - Quest reward from Hyperion Mailbox in "Uncle Teddy" (Unique)
Teeth of Terramorphous - Terramorphous
Jolley Roger[DLC1] - Quest Reward from "Just Desserts for Desert Deserters"
Captain Blade's Orphan Maker[DLC1] - Quest Reward from "Message in a Bottle(Oasis)"
Twister[DLC3] - ???
Hydra[DLC3] - ???

Patriot[DLC1] - Seraph Vendor
Hawk Eye[DLC3] - ???
Pitchfork - Terramorphous
Invader - Saturn, Arid Nexus Badlands
Skullmasher - Son of Mothrakk, Wildlife Preserve
Volcanoe - The Warrior
Longbow - Badass Creeper, Caustic Cavern
White Death/Lyuuda - Gettle, The Dust
Buffalo - Quest reward from "Demon Hunter" (Unique)
Fremington's Edge - Assassin Reeth, Southpaw Steam and Power (Unique)
Trespasser - Quest reward from "Animal Rights" (Unique)
Sloth - Quest reward from Mordecai in "Rakkoholics Anonymous" (Unique)
Morning Star - Quest reward from "Hyperion Contract #873" (Unique)
Chère-amie - Quest reward from "Hyperion Slaughter: Round 5" (Unique)
Pimpernel[DLC1] - Quest Reward from "Don't copy that floppy"
Cobra[DLC2] - Has a low chance of dropping off "Burners" in the Campaign of Carnage DLC. Confirmed here
Elephant Gun[DLC3] - ???

Actualizer[DLC1] - Seraph Vendor
Tattler[DLC1] - Seraph Vendor
Slagga - Hodunk, The Dust
Emperor - The Assassins, Southpaw Steam & Power
B**ch - BNK3R
Hellfire - Scorch, Fropstburn Canyon / The Warrior
Baby Maker - Madame Von Bartlesby, Tundra Express / Mad Dog, Lynchwood
Yellow Jacket[DLC3] - ???
Miss Moxxi's Bad Touch - Reward from tipping Moxxi(Unique)
Miss Moxxi's Good Touch - Reward from tipping Moxxi, no set amount, can be got constantly (Unique)
Bone Shredder - Bonehead 2.0, Arid Nexus Badlands(Unique)
Bane - Quest reward from "The Bane" (Unique)
Lascaux - Found in a pond in the caves of Frostburn Cavern, respawns (Unique)
Chulainn - Quest reward from "Clan Wars" (Unique)
Commerce - Assassin Wot, Southpaw Steam and Power (Unique)
Sand Hawk[DLC1] - Quest Reward [from "Whoops"
Gametag: Raynofett

User Info: Rayno_2004

4 years ago#3
Evolution[DLC1] - Seraph Vendor
Big Boom Blaster[DLC2] _ Torgue Seraph Vendor
Sponge[DLC2] - Torgue Seraph Vendor
Pun-chee[DLC2] - Torgue Seraph Vendor
Hoplite[DLC2] - Torgue Seraph Vendor
The Transformer - Pimon, Wildlife Preserve
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - Chubby Enemies
The Sham - BNk3R
The Bee - Hunter Hellquist, Arid Nexus Boneyard
Fabled Tortoise - Blue, Caustic Caverns
Black Hole - Foreman, Opportunity
Impaler - The Warrior
Neogenator - Spycho, Frostburn Canyon
Hide of Terramorphous - Terramorphous
The Cradle - Henry, The Highlands
Flame of the Firehawk - Quest reward from Lilith's Cult Mission (Unique)
Deadly Bloom - Quest reward from "Helping Out Overlook" (Unique)
Order - Quest reward from "BFFs" (Unique)
Love Thumper - Quest reward from "Best Mother's Day Ever" (Unique)
Aequitas - Quest reward from "Clan Wars: Wakey Wakey" (Unique)
1340 Shield - Quest reward from Dr. Zed in "Out of Body Experience" (Unique)
Pot o' Gold - Drop from Bagman(Doesn't Respawn) during the Quest "Clan Wars: End of the Rainbow" (Unique)
Captain Blade's Manly Man Shield[DLC1] - Quest Reward from "Message in a bottle(Wurmwater)"
The Rough Rider[DLC3] - ???

O-Negative[DLC2] - Toruge Seraph Vendor
Meteor Shower[DLC2] - Torgue Seraph Vendor
Crossfire[DLC2] - Torgue Seraph Vendor
Bonus Package - Boom Bewm, Southern Shelf
Bouncing Bonnie - Loot Midgets*
Fastball - Boll*, Three Horns
Fire Bee - Unknown
Leech - The Warrior
Quasar - Ultimate Badass Varkid
Rolling Thunder - Wilhelm, End of the Line
Storm Front - Rat Brothers, Bloodshot Stronghold
Pandemic - Mortar, Sawtooth Cauldron
Nasty Surprise - Vermivouris
Breath of Terramorphous - Terramorphous
Kiss of Death - Quest reward from "Hell Hath No Fury" (Unique)
Fuster Cluck - Quest reward from "The Pretty Good Train Robbery" (Unique)
Sky Rocket - Unlocked with Special Editions of BL2
Captain Blade's Midnight Star[DLC1] - Quest Reward from "Message in a bottle(Lighthouse)"
Gametag: Raynofett

User Info: Rayno_2004

4 years ago#4
Class Mods:
Slayer of Terramorphous Siren - Terramorphous
Legendary Siren - Vermivorous*
Legendary Soldier - Vermivorous*
Legendary Berserker - Vermivorous*
Legendary Hunter - Vermivorous*
Legendary Mechromancer - Vermivorous*

Blood of the Seraphs[DLC1] - Seraph Vendor
Might of the Seraphs[DLC2]- Torgue Seraph Vendor
Breath of the Seraphs[DLC3] - ???
Blood of Terramorphous - Terramorphous
Sheriff's Badge - Drops from Sheriff of Lynchwood (Unique)
Deputy's Badge - Quest reward from "Showdown" (Unique)
Moxxi's Endowment - Quest Reward from the "The Good, The Bad and the Mordecai"
Lucrative Opportunity Quest Reward for siding with Marcus in "Safe and Sound"
Vault Hunter - Unlocked with Premiere Club
The Afterburner - Quest Reward from "Positive Self-Image"
Captain Blade's Otto Idol[DLC1] - Quest Reward from "Message in a bottle(Rustyard)"

*Unconfirmed Still
Gametag: Raynofett

User Info: SinisterBlade

4 years ago#5
Nice post! I agree this needs to be here in some form. Saves times, saves space.

The Shreddifier is one of a small group of legendaries that has no 'increased chance to drop from x in y' it just has to happen. Although I hear Hyperius tends to drop them, he drops tons of oranges. It isnt his weapon or anything, he just drops alot of stuff. People get infs and other oranges commonly from this raid boss. Any suitable loot source can spawn most Legendaries, though the chances are incredibly rare most times, which is why you farm Hellquist instead of opening boxes if you want a Bee. xD
What is a man?!
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User Info: Rayno_2004

4 years ago#6
bump for sticky request
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User Info: SinisterBlade

4 years ago#7
Free BUMP.

I requested a sticky, this would help a great deal.
What is a man?!
A miserable little pile of secrets!

User Info: Rayno_2004

4 years ago#8
self bump in hopes of sticky
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User Info: need4speed6448

4 years ago#9
bump sticky
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User Info: Tsuruke

4 years ago#10
Why not just make a Faqs or a section on the Wiki that way you can edit it all you want to Rather than having to deal with not editing the post to add more if need be?
XBL GT/PSN: Tsuruke.
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